Top 14 Homestays in Chikmagalur

The term Chikmagalur literally means the town of the younger daughter in Kannada. The reason for the peculiar nomenclature is the fact that this town was given in dowry by a tribal chief to another. Today the town is famous for the high-quality coffee beans produced here. This is a small hill station drenched in peace and tranquility. The beauty of the town lies in the greenery that surrounds it. It seems as if the whole town is painted green. This allure only increases during monsoons.

The beautiful town has many homestays. These homestays provide an affectionate environment, unlike the aloof stays one has in a hotel. In India, guests are equated with gods “Athithi Devo Bhava“. Thus, a homestay in India is not only comfortable but also enjoyable. The hosts would make sure that all the needs of the visitors are being satisfied.

1. Coffee Bean Homestay

Coffee Bean Homestay
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Coffee Bean homestay is located amidst the sprawling coffee estates. Imagine waking up to the chirping of the birds and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The estate was built around hundred years ago, the estate is surrounded beautiful mountain peaks giving the area a panoramic view.

2. Woodway Homestay

Woodway Homestay
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The property is an ancestral property that has been now transformed into a homestay. The area overlooks beautiful values and forests. One can participate in many activities at Woodway Homestay, like trekking, bird watching and much more.

3. Scenic Acres Homestay

Scenic Acres Homestay
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The stay is a short drive from the town. Scenic Acres Homestay is located in route the Mullainagiri Hills. The stay is almost settled amidst the green lands in the area. The cottage is built on the models of a colonial house and is a haven away from the world. The stay has been built by a member of the Sargod family, they are reputed in the coffee business in the area.

4. River Tern Lodge

River Tern Lodge
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River Tern Lodge is located on the banks of the Bhadra river. One of the major attraction in the area adjoining the stay is the wildlife sanctuary. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary houses many tigers that roam around the area freely. The stay has both wooden lodges and villas where the guests can stopover.

5. Ranga Tanna Homestay

Ranga Tanna Homestay
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The stay is the part of a sprawling coffee estate. The estate has many tracks that can be explored and private waterfalls. Ranga Tanna Homestay is a bit a secluded from the city and thus gives a sense of privacy to visitors. The guests usually find themselves trekking around the estate or having a gala time at the waterfalls.

6. Kemmanagundi Homestay

Kemmanagundi Homestay
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Kemmanagundi homestay is near all the major tourist attractions. There are many temples and waterfalls in the vicinity of the area. The homestay provides traditional South Indian home cooked food.

7. Mountain Valley Homestay

Mountain Valley Homestay
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Mountain Valley Homestay is a luxurious homestay with a touch of tradition and all the modern facilities. They specialize in customizing packages to the need of the guests and can host all kinds of groups may they be a corporate group of a family group.

8. Gonakal Homestay

Gonakal Homestay
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Gonakal Homestay has a vibrant history. It has an almost 360 years old heritage. The area has said to have hosted Tipu Sultan when he came to visit the Hosaya Kingdom about 700 years ago. Since then it has been passed down from fathers to sons. The stay is located near the forest area. Every day you will wake up to the sound trickling water from the nearby falls and the chirping of the birds sitting outside your window.

9. Good Earth Homestay

Good Earth Homestay
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Good Earth homestay was among the first to be opened in the region. They are located on the outskirts of the city amidst the sprawling mountain peaks.

10. Thippanahalli Homestay

Thippanahalli Homestay
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The 230-year bungalow has now been converted into a charming homestay. Thippanahalli Homestay is in close proximity to all the places of interest in the region. It would be an incredible experience to stay here and enjoy the panoramic from the window every morning.

11. Valley of Birds Homestay

Valley of Birds Homestay
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The stay has been recorded good reviews and rating by the visitors. Valley of Birds Homestay are known for their hospitality. Another one of their major SP is the delicious traditional home cooked food.

12. Athithi Homestay

Athithi Homestay
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Athithi Homestay is among the cheaper homestays in the area. The homestay is surrounded by the lush green forest and beautiful falls. The view from here is awe-inspiring.

13. Riverwoods Homestay

Riverwoods Homestay
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Riverwoods homestay is designed like a 60s bungalow. The lodging provides the guest with the opportunity to participate in many activities like kayaking, birding and trekking.

14. The Spectrum Homestay

The Spectrum Homestay
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Spectrum Homestay is located amongst the coffee plantations, like many others in the region. The plantation is famous for their prompt facilities and delicious food.

The many homestays in the town are the promise of a comfortable stay. Due to a lack of resorts, or hotels in the region homestays are the best option that the visitors can avail.

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