Top 14 Homestays in Pondicherry

India’s very own French city is a rejuvenating travelling experience. The lip smacking cuisine, the little French cafes and the sunny beaches, all instil a feeling of unparalleled joy in its visitors. To experience the joy in simplicity, that is so characteristic of Pondicherry, spend your days in a homestay. The warm feeling that they give makes for a perfect combination with the quietude of this beach town. Visit any of the following 15 homestays for a unique experience.

1. Sharanya Holiday Villa

Sharanya Holiday Villa
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Located close to main tourist spots of Pondicherry, this 4-bedroom villa is an exquisite construction utilizing traditional architecture. The housekeeping cooks up complimentary breakfast for you each morning, so that every day is a wholesome one. A private garden and patio is at your service, with an enriching scenic view. Sharanya Holiday Villa also provides a kitchen so that you can experience a true homely feeling, away from home.

2. Tranquil Lakeshore Apartment

Tranquil Lakeshore Apartment
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Imagine having your own private sanctuary, with all the comforts of a home and the luxuries of a resort, by a beautiful lake. This is exactly what Tranquil Lakeshore helps you accomplish through its beautiful homestay. The gorgeous estate, is also surrounded by a bird sanctuary, so you can easily spot some melodious winged creatures on your morning walks. This homestay is a two bedroom accommodation, with a verandah and recreational facilities like bicycles, Frisbees and even fishing rods. Being pet friendly, you can visit this lovely town with your pet and stay in this ravishing estate.

3. Villa JPR

Villa JPR
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This five-bedroom villa is an extraordinary structure, with extensive gardening and radiantly white exteriors. Villa JPR is extremely close to the beach, so you can just wake up, put on your slippers and head straight to the relaxing sea and sand. It is also very close to beautiful restaurants that offer authentic French cuisine. The place has internet access and is well suited to couples, families and solo adventurers alike.

4. The House of Blue Mangoes

The House of Blue Mangoes
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This eccentric name is apt for the lovely architecture, interiors and allure of this homestay. A stay in House of Blue Mangoes will transform you to a classic European era, making you feel like royalty. The place is perfect to connect with yourself, the soothing interiors make you relax and unwind, helping you treat yourself to a good read, a cup of tea or simply a meditative afternoon. A well-equipped kitchen is all you need to feel the warmth of this place, making you feel truly at a colonial home.

5. Duplex Star Villa

Duplex Star Villa
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This five-bedroom accommodation provides a delightful stay to its guests. The homely environment is conducive to your happiness and pleasant state of mind. Duplex Star Villa is well furnished with a state of the art kitchen, a cozy living area and a lively patio where you can spend quality time with your loved ones in the fresh sea breeze of Pondicherry.

6. Coloniale Heritage House

Coloniale Heritage House
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This huge building housing four bedrooms, with exquisite bathrooms is a dream come true for travelers. A marvelous accommodation with a manicured garden, Coloniale Heritage House will charm you the moment you step in. Enjoy some lovely home cooked meals in their neat and clean kitchen and gorge on your food sitting peacefully in your private garden.

7. Mel Ville Serviced Apartment

Mel Ville Serviced Apartment
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Located in the midst of old Pondicherry, this gorgeous apartment is a class apart. Housing three bedrooms with all the comforts you may need, the beautiful balcony and terrace add another charm to the place. This residential area is safe for your kids, who can play for hours in the front yard. Only a drive away from some of the best restaurants in Old Pondicherry, be sure to have a wonderful stay at Mel Ville Serviced Apartment.

8. Eccentric Homestay

Eccentric Homestay is a ravishing option for those looking to experience the best of Pondicherry’s simplicity. The mosaic floors and exquisite interiors make for a valuable asset when you spend your days in this one bedroom facility. The garden is also decorated with a hammock and a recliner, making you feel utterly relaxed and pleasantly beaming with joy. With all the modern amenities provided inside the house, the open verandah surely serves as the icing on the cake.

9. Archela Homestay

Archela Homestay
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Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Archela Homestay in Pondicherry. The place has comfortable rooms, with all the necessary equipment fitted well and well maintained. The place is a studio apartment with big brown doors and a homely environment. Visit this homestay for a lovely experience.

10. Lotus Studio

The Lotus Studio is an interesting homestay as it comes with its own fishing pond! This two bedroom studio apartment is well decorated with colorful bed sheets and wall paints, to give you a true homely feeling. The homestay is set amidst a lovely garden, which has a fishing pond. No two days will be the same at this lovely home stay.

11. Vila Swasti

Vila Swasti
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Located in Pondicherry, Vila Swasti comes equipped with a kitchen, a balcony and a terrace for those rooftop evenings. The two-bedroom villa is as comfortable as it gets, with a free access to a well-maintained terrace, where you can host your private barbeque nights and dinner parties.

12. Sree’s Cottage

A quiet spot in Pondicherry contains the lively Sree’s cottage for those travelers looking to escape the busy city life. The greenery of the garden is the main attraction of this homestay. Added to that, a fun swing is fit in the garden, where adults and children alike can let loose and enjoy the wind caressing their faces. A spacious accommodation, this homestay has one bedroom with a modern bathroom.

13. Villa Olivia

Villa Olivia
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The Villa Olivia is a one bedroom accommodation that has everything you may need for a comfortable holiday visit. The well-equipped homestay serves all your needs of luxury, peace and happiness. The garden and the terrace add a dimension of spaciousness to your warm homely stay.

14. Paradise Nest

Paradise Nest
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A lovely homestay for couples, the paradise nest perfectly lives up to its name. Situated close to a very popular beach in Pondicherry, Paradise Nest has a private terrace for you to enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings. Be sure to revel in the charm of this homestay, which makes you feel the warmth of your own home.

15. Paradise Nest

A lovely homestay for couples, the paradise nest perfectly lives up to its name. Situated close to a very popular beach in Pondicherry, the place has a private terrace for you to enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings. Be sure to revel in the charm of Paradise Nest homestay, which makes you feel the warmth of your own home.

Have a fantastic stay at any of these homestays and experience the very best of Pondicherry, while relaxing at the hands of their homely comforts.

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