Top 5 Places to Visit in Serchhip

Serchhip is a town and headquarters of Serchhip district in Mizoram. It is situated at a distance of 112 km from Aizawal, the capital of the state. Two rivers, Mat and Tuikam, flow on both sides of Serchhip. Serchhip means ‘citrus on top‘, which refers to the number of citrus trees that are located on the top of a hill in the district. There are many villages in the district which are surrounded by natural beauty and it is a great place to witness local life and culture. Here are five places of Serchhip that offer tourists a great vacation:

1. Vantawng Falls

Photo by Lpachuau, CC BY 3.0

Vantawng Falls is the highest waterfall in entire Mizoram and definitely the most beautiful. The falls gets its name from a celebrated swimmer of the region. It is said that he could perform many stunts in the cascading waters here and during one such performance, a heavy log fell on him, killing him on the spot. Hence the waterfall was named after him. Vantawng Falls are at a height of 750 ft and its gushing waters from such a height are a sight to cherish. There are forested hills all around and hence it is not possible to go near the waterfall. That is why, the Tourism Department has set up a viewing tower which offers a breathtaking view of the waterfall.

2. Chhingpuii Thlan

Located on the AIzawal-Lunglei Main Road, Chhingpuii Thlan is actually a stone memorial that was built between Baktawng and Chhingchhip. It was erected in the memory of Chhingpuii who was a beautiful young woman. Her happy life with her husband Kaptuanga was cut short when she was kidnapped and killed during the civil war that hit the region from 1877 to 1880. Kaptuanga was so shocked and saddened by his beloved’s death that he also committed suicide at this spot. The memorial stands as a glowing tribute to the love story of two young people and their tragic end.

3. Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung

In Mizo language, Lung means stone. Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung is actually a memorial stone constructed in the memory of Zoluti, who was the daughter of a manager of one of the tea gardens of the area, whose name was Dr. Winchester. There are many stories regarding Zoluti whose real name was Mary Winchester. She was captured and handed over to the British in 1872.

4. Thenzawl Deer Park

A park dedicated to the conservation of deer, Thenzawl Deer Park is one of the best attractions in Serchhip. Earlier, it was a forest but today it is a deer park. Since it is the only park of its kind, the Deer Park attracts visitors from all over the country and abroad. Currently, there are around 11 female deer and 6 male deer at the park and it is a beautiful sight to see these amazing animals take a stroll in their natural habitat.

5. Chawngchilhi Puk

Chawngchilhi Puk is actually a cave situated amidst mountains and beautiful green trees. An added attraction here is the spotting of different bird species and mammals. A ride to the cave is a bumpy one, which can also be counted as one of the adventures. What makes this cave a mystery and popular is a legend associated with it. It is said that the cave gets its name from a girl who fell in love with a serpent. She gave birth to a child here in the cave and that’s why the cave was named after her.

With vast paddy fields, beautiful villages, green hills, mountains and waterfalls, Serchhip has many destinations to offer to the tourists. March to October is the time to visit Serchhip as it is during this time, that the place has a pleasant climate.

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