A Complete Tour Guide to Aizawl Hill Station

The capital city of the state of Mizoram, Aizawl is a beautiful, bustling hill station and also one of the major cities of North Eastern India. Despite this, one can find much indigenous culture here, with a population distribution that aptly represents the communities within the people of Mizoram. As such, it becomes a one stop visit to all of the state of Mizoram. Aizawl is situated on a ridge at a height of 1132 meters above sea level, in between the Tlawng River Valley and the Tuirial River Valley It was first established in the 1870s as a military outpost by the British. However, the station was soon taken over and is today the city is as peaceful as it once was, but much more developed and well connected to neighboring cities.

Photo by Joe Fanai, CC BY 2.0

Climatic Conditions

Aizawl is located above the Tropic of Cancer and thus experiences mild temperatures throughout the year. Temperatures during the summer season, that is, March to May, ranges from between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. During the winter season, that is, October to February, temperatures go from 10 to 21 degrees Celsius. Aizawl experiences very heavy rainfall during the monsoon months of June to September.

Best Time to Visit

Although Aizawl can be visited at any time, most visitors prefer to flock here during the summer months of March to May. The flora is in full bloom and the temperatures are mild all day long. The place becomes ideal for sightseers and nature lovers.

Attractions/ Things To Do

Aizawl has much to offer tourists looking to explore and experience nature as well as those wanting an insight into the Mizo culture. The main market is the Bara Bazar, where the local population sells their own handicrafts as well as Chinese products imported from the Myanmar border. One can visit the mall, the Millennium Centre, buy local garments at Zion Street or sample local food and farm produce. Besides this, there is the Mizoram State Museum in Zarkawt.

Aizawl has many resorts and picnic spots in and around it which have breathtaking views of the neighboring hills and valleys. The most famous amongst these are the Reiek Tourist Resort, Durtlang Hills and Hmuifang. There is also the Khuangchera Puk cave in Ailawng. For enthusiasts of local culture there is the Solomon Temple in the Kidron Valley and the Berawtlang Tourist Complex, with many culture activities and demonstrations. Besides all this, the famous family of Pu Ziona, the largest existing family in the world can be visited at Baktawng Village in Aizawl.

How to Reach

Aizawl is easily accessible by air, rail and road. The closest airport is the Lengpui Airport, located on the outskirts of the city. It is well connected to the cities of Kolkata, Guwahati and Imphal by Air India and Jet Airways. There is also a helicopter service connecting Aizawl to nearby cities. Aizawl is not very well connected by rail, and the railway line only reaches up to Bairabi in Mizoram, after which one has to travel by road. The roadways, however, are a pleasant drive up to Aizawl, and taxi and private bus services are easily available. Aizawl lies on the National Highways 54, 40 and 150.

Distance From Major Cities

  • Imphal – 425 kilometers
  • Guwahati – 508 kilometers
  • Itanagar – 678 kilometers
  • Kolkata – 1493 kilometers
  • Delhi – 2395 kilometers
  • Hyderabad – 2855 kilometers
  • Ahmedabad – 3007 kilometers
  • Chennai – 3129 kilometers
  • Mumbai – 3161 kilometers
  • Pune – 3183 kilometers
  • Bangalore – 3445 kilometers

Accessibility And Accommodation

Aizawl is a friendly city which always welcomes tourists. The city has a few luxury hotels and resorts such as the Hotel Regency and the Hotel Royale. Other than this, there are many pleasant and comfortable private budget hotels, lodges and homestays.

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