Top 5 Places To Visit In Aizawl

The city of Aizawl will offer you with marvellous mornings and enlivening evenings. With pristine locations, grassy meadows, timely heralds of the monsoon and delicious delicacies on plate; Aizawl is always ready to be gorged down from the bucket list. It is full of dramatic landscapes and soothing climate. The hotels, restaurants, nightlife and shopping complexes; all are really tempting and alluring. It is well connected through road, rail and air network for the convenience of fellow travellers. It is the capital city of Mizoram. So here’s the list of five most astonishing places of Aizawl:

1. Tamdil Lake

In the Mizo language, “Tam” means mustard plant and “dil” means lake. It is situated near Saitual village. It is about 110 kilometres away from Aizawl. It is an ideal place to be in the lap of nature. It is the largest lake in Mizoram and is naturally beautiful. It offers boating facilities for the tourists. A rare and novel species of frog called Leptolalax are also found here. It is a major tourist attraction in Aizawl. The lake is not just apt for viewing one’s own outer reflection in the transparent water but one can surely reflect even on the inside with so much placidity and greenery around it.

2. KV Paradise

It is popularly known as the modern Taj Mahal of Mizoram. It was made by a husband in the loving memory of his wife whom he lost in a car accident in 2001. It is a three storey mausoleum and lies on the outskirts of Aizawl. Khawlhring (K), the widower spent his lifetime savings in its construction after the death of Varte (V). This white structure is an epitome of eternal love and that’s how the paradise got its name as KV from their initials.

3. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is roughly 170 kilometres away from the capital city of Mizoram. It is spread at an area of 35 square kilometres. It is a sub-tropical and semi-evergreen forest. Tiger, Sambar, Barking Deer, Serrow, Hoolock Gibbon and plenty of birds reside in this wildlife sanctuary which is pristine. It also has rich numbers of Gaur (the Indian Bison), variety of butterflies, leopards and rhinoceroses. The vividness of flora and fauna, and the lush green wilderness will definitely capture every traveller’s heart and soul. It has tiny rivulets and several trees as well. Teak, Sal and Eucalyptus are some examples. Various herbs with medicinal significance also grow in the region and are highly sought after by the locals.

4. Durtlang Hills

Durtlang Hills is a gorgeous and exuberant city which was built 112 years ago. It is set on steep hills and is flanked by craggy peaks. It offers a panoramic view of the Aizawl city. It is a popular trekking destination which isn’t easy. It is one among the higher hills of Mizoram. It is perched on the northern side of the capital city.

The rugged terrains and hilly slopes are perfect for an adventurous trip. It is a major tourist attraction of Mizoram as the locals and the foreigners visit this place in huge mobs. It is also ideal for rejuvenation and replenishing energy in the body and mind.

5. Vantawng Falls

Photo by Lpachuau, CC BY 3.0

Vantawng Falls is 137 kilometres away from Aizawl. It falls in the Serchhip district of Mizoram and is the thirteenth highest waterfall of the country. It is a spectacular waterfall. It is famously known as khwathla in Mizo which means waterfall. It is at a height of 750 feet. The crystal clear water gushing down the cliffs is a visual treat and is quite enlivening.

With so much to be explored, how can you still manage to breathe on a couch? Pack your bags and unravel the mystic spark in this natural beauty as soon as possible! The hills, the valleys, the pure morning breeze and the green grassy lawns are all bewitching.

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  1. Shouting on top of the Durtlang Hills was my best experience in Mizoram.


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