Top 5 Places to Visit in Lawngtlai

Lawngtlai is one of the main administrative districts of Mizoram and hence of prime importance. Bangladesh lies to its west and Saiha District is located on the eastern side. It is spread over an area of 2557.10 sq kms and is a picturesque place with mountains, riverines and valleys. Another interesting feature of Lawngtlai is that there are six rivers that flow through the district, namely, Ngenpui, Chawngte, Tuiphal, Chhimtuipui, Tuichong and Kaladan. The region is very fertile because of these rivers. There are also dense forests in the region, including deciduous, tropical and evergreen forests. Here are five places you can visit while you are at Lawngtlai.

1. Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

It is spread around 120 sq kms and is a protected area housing rainforest and a variety of wildlife. It is close to Lawngtlai town and is just 296 kms away from Mizoram’s capital Aizawl. It is also situated quite close to the India-Bangladesh border. One of the main attractions of the Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is its rich biodiversity, which makes it a popular tourist destination. There are many types of wild plants here which are another attraction for nature lovers. Animals such as tigers, elephants, Indian Bison, Barking Deer, Clouded Leopard, Wild Leaf Monkey and more such exotic animals can be found here. Around 70 species of Herpeto Fauna are also found at the sanctuary which is perhaps the only place to house such a variety.

2. Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary is another wildlife sanctuary in Lawngtlai which is a must-visit. The lush green trees and plants give an amazing look to the sanctuary. The area of the sanctuary is around 143 sq kms and is home to many wild animals and birds. You can find tigers, elephants, Barking Deer, sambar, wild boar, and many more such animals at the sanctuary. It is also a great place for birding as many species of birds can be easily spotted. Taking a stroll around the park under guided supervision and to take in the beautiful view of the surroundings is an experience that any visitor will cherish for a lifetime. You also feel a newfound respect for nature and its wild inhabitants after visiting the sanctuary.

3. Mullianpui

Mullianpui is a small but beautiful village in the district and is also renowned for the trekking route that passes through the village. Visitors can get a view of the local life and culture along with visiting the tourist attractions nearby.

4. Chawngte

It is yet another village in the district of Lawngtlai. Its location on the banks of the Tuichawng river gives Chawngte a beauty that is amazing.  It is a village that can be referred to as an ideal village, with rivers, mountains, valleys and a simple life led by the villagers. You can get to see the local life and taste the local food also. Take a walk around the village and feel Mizoram in your senses and sight.

5. Uiphum

If you wish to see how the life of town and village are different from each other, then after visiting the villages in Lawngtlai, you can head to Uiphum, which is a small town in the district. It is a serene place that has the quietness of a village and the hustle and bustle of an urban life.

The Lai community are the main residents of the district and the main religion is Christianity. Chakma tribes also reside here, who follow Buddhism. Lawngtlai is well connected to other parts of the state. It can be visited from December to February when the weather is cold.

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