Top 10 Resorts in Gorai

Gorai is a small getaway from the metropolitan of Mumbai. The place is frequented by couples and families alike due to the quiet beaches and the lively and exciting amusement park. The beach here is clean and less crowded when compared to Mumbai. The clear waterfront has been rather untouched by throngs of people trampling around the area. Essel World has also been built in Gorai. The amusement park guarantees a good time for children of all ages and sizes. With the many rides, Essel World is a sure delight for anyone and everyone.

In recent times, the Global Vipassana Pagoda has been built here. Vipassana is an age-old art of meditation, where during Dhamma Sadhana an individual try to internalize their thoughts and beliefs. A ten-day vipassana course will help you understand yourself better and will make you one with yourself. This spiritual cleansing of mind and soul is highly recommended for everyone. A day trip to the beautiful shoreline would not even leave a dent in your wallet. The area has some cheap yet amazing resort, that promise the perfect weekend to unwind and relax.

1. Fonsecas Beach Resort

Fonsecas Beach Resort
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Fonsecas Beach Resort lies on the waterfront. The rooms have an amazing view of the beach. The place is equidistant from both Essel world and the Global Vipassana Pagoda. Its close proximity to both makes it an ideal location to stay at.

2. Farm Regency

Farm Regency
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The resort lies on the Essel world road. The amusement park is one of the biggest attraction in the area for families. Farm Regency has speedy facilities and is essentially comfortable for families staying with kids. The services of the resort are worth mentioning.

3. Whispering Palms Holidays Resorts

Whispering Palms Holidays Resorts
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The resort has spacious balcony rooms overlooking the beach. Whispering Palms Holidays Resorts promises a good time with your friends. Located on the beach, the resort has a picturesque view of the clear waters. The view is exceptionally alluring during sunset or sunrise.

4. C-Cube Resorts

C-Cube Resorts
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C-Cube Resorts is roughly one kilometer away from the beach. It is a small resort with about six rooms. Thus, if a slightly big group is planning on visiting the area staying here would be recommended. A bulk booking would give you the power to discount and also you will have the whole place to yourself. The short walk to the beach would be overlooked by the fact that you cab come back to the resort and enjoy the in-house pool and bar with the Brady bunch you are with.

5. Sun N Shade Resort

Sun N Shade Resort
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The resort is located in a farmstead and is a short walk from the beach. Sun N Shade Resort is roughly seven kilometres away from the Essel World. The resort has a hood restaurant with the best food in the region.

6. Gorai Hill Resort

Gorai Hill Resort
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The resort is a beach facing property. The service here is excellent. Gorai Hill Resort also has an in-house pool.

7. Dinu Chirag Road

The resort is located on the Essel world road and hence is in close proximity to the resort. Dinu Chirag Road would be an ideal location for those who are visiting the area mainly for the amusement park. Apart from that everything is in walking distance in the small town.

8. Pixy Beach Resort

Pixy Beach Resort
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The property is among the oldest in the area. Pixy Beach Resort is hidden away behind rows of coconut trees and has an amazing view of the beach. You can get a room here for as cheap as two thousand rupees. The place is a good place to spend time with your friends over a budget weekend of small cost savings.

9. Pali Beach Resort

Pali Beach Resort
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The resort is about 11 kilometres from the Essel world. Pali Beach Resort is well known for their well-trained staff and cheap prices. Rather than having rooms, the resort has cottages with a porch in each cottage. You can book a cottage for you and your friend and look upon the shoreline from the cottage porch.

10. Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach Resort
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The resort is a located amidst a setting of palm trees. Palm Beach Resort is a small walk to the beach. The walk to the beach is as tranquil as the destination itself.

The weekend getaway from the mainland is a much-needed retreat in the fast-paced lives of the city. One can come here and spend their time relaxing their mind unwinding the tension. Gorai is a budget weekend plan from Mumbai. A romantic getaway to Gorai is highly recommended as well. Long walks on the beach and strolls along the clear waterfront, is a starry-eyed dream forever romantic brought up on a staple diet of Bollywood masala and Spark’s amorous tales.

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