Top 10 Amazing Spots to Experience Nightlife in Goa

Goa is the place that comes to the mind of anyone looking to have a great time. The sandy beaches during the day and the dazzling clubs during the night are what makes this place famous amongst people looking to break through the mundane day to day routine. Once the sun sets, the city comes alive with its boisterous clubs, fancy restaurants, and energetic beachside parties. The food, the people and the music are enough to get anyone partying. Let’s look at the best places to spend an amazing night and pick up on those positive energizing vibes.

1. Curlies Beach Shack

Curlies Beach Shack
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A huge hit amongst tourists, this beachside restaurant and bar provides the perfect ambience to chill out on the Anjuna Beach. The variety of food available, especially sea food can be enjoyed out on the beach with the breeze stroking the place. People can be found enjoying booze from a good collection that the bar offers in addition to smoking hookah. The music of Curlies Beach Shack can get anyone gyrating on the dance floor.

2. Café Mambos

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Present on Tito’s Lane in Baga, this discotheque has intoxicating energy emanating throughout the night. DJs play both Bollywood and international music which are a huge hit among visitors. The Mediterranean food and the bar can spice up the night to get started on the dancing. Café Mambos is the perfect place for any nightlife lover to party.

3. Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar
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This is the right place for shopaholics to spend their Saturday nights in. Located at Baga, Mackie’s Night Bazaar is lit up with lanterns all around the market. The golden hue along with the lake nearby provide a beautiful ambience to walk around and shop to one’s heart’s content. Everything from beads to bags can be found here. Ethnic handicraft is the specialty of this shopping arena, with peppy music being played around.

4. Casino Pride

Casino Pride
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Casino Pride is one of the best places to dine, drink and play with your fortune, this floating casino, located on the Baga Beach offers games like the Roulette, Banker, Blackjack etc. to gamble around. There are various stage performances which are used to entertain the guests. The music and the environment are perfect to enjoy and can regale you by playing with your luck.

5. Club Ozone

Club Ozone
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This trendy pub is famous for being the first designer bar in India. Under the franchise of the Goa Mariott Resort, Club Ozone is thronged by both the guests of the hotel and visitors looking to have a good night! With its delectable food and vitalizing music, this place is a definite visit for party lovers to rock away.

6. 9 Bar

Located at the Vagator Beach, 9 Bar is the best place to enjoy stunning sunsets and sunrises of the Goa Diaries. The psytrance music of the place is intoxicating and is perfect to gyrate to once the darkness creeps in. The food and booze can keep you up all night, to retire after witnessing a mesmerizing sunrise.

7. Montego Bay

Montego Bay
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The serene and calm atmosphere of the day continues into the night, with lively music, and excellent food. Located at Arambol, Montego Bay is perfect for couples looking to spend some quiet, quality time together. The romantic setting is further amplified by the exit beach with its starry nights.

8. Club Cubana

Club Cubana
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No party goer can ever miss this place which is located on the Arpora Hill, between Anjuna and Baga. The view from Club Cubana on the hilltop is mind-blowing. The neon lights, energizing music and lively crowd will leave you asking for more. The drinks that come with the pass are more than enough to keep you going all through the party.

9. Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island
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Apart from the frenzy partying, camping out with the breezy wind caressing your face, under the blanket of stars is a vivid night out. This can be arranged with the local boatmen, who will take you to the Tsunami Island, where you can dine and wine until midnight, after which the boatmen return you to the shores. The fire and wind bring out a beautiful blend, perfect for a serene night out

10. Cavalla

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Present in Baga, close to the beach, Cavalla has a different theme every evening. Rocking bands to single artists can be found playing in here. The intricate décor, and the good selection of drinks, make it a welcoming place to spend a quality night out.

The city of Goa definitely tops any holiday destination in India for its varied nightlife options. The lively culture and the mad crowd is perfect for partying all night long.

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  1. Been to Curlies and Café Mambos. Both are simply amazing. Thanks for other 8 spots. We will visit there in our next trip to Goa. 🙂


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