The Best Time to Visit Goa

I’m sure Goa needs no introduction to you all-it’s the unofficial Party Capital of our Great India. While a Goa trip will be refreshing all the year round, what with the ever-present beach vibes, lovely nightlife and amazing global-destination feel of the place, it never hurt anyone to plan ahead a holiday and make the best of it henceforth. While most tourists throng to Goa till January circa October, if you want beauty at its finest, June-September is a better bet.

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MonthsConditionsOur Recommendation
Mid-November to Mid-FebruaryPeak Season because of the pleasant climate and popular festivals.Popular Tourist Season
Mid-June to October


Perfect, if you want to see the lush green Countryside.Ideal Time


March to MayClimate is hot and humid, which makes it less Touristy.Off Season


Now, for the more intense sort of holiday makers, is Goa in monsoon. You get everything you want out of a traditionally perfect holiday-nature, and local flavour. There are lovely spice plantations, enjoying rainwater by the beach, wildlife havens and the splendid Dudhsagar waterfalls. Not to mention the parties and churches once more.The winter season in Goa is popular among tourists, and it’s easy to see why-there are parties galore, and the entertainment list includes energetic music like hip-hop, trance and EDM, there are festivals and winter carnivals for occasions like Christmas, celebrity appearances and a number of beautiful churches for the spiritualists seeking abode.

Weather Conditions

Goa, as a typical beach destination, maintains pleasant maritime weather conditions throughout the year, with not much difference in the temperature average range. The summers are hot but not unbearably so, winters pleasant but not excruciatingly cold, and rains during the monsoons makes a perfect improvement on everything.

How to Reach Goa

Goa is at convenient driving distance by those nearby, located close to a highway. You can take cross country drives to it as well provided there are connecting roads from your part of the country. Next, you can arrive at Goa by bus from major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai et al. Then, you can arrive by very convenient train service to Margao, at stations Magdaon and Vasco-da-Gama. Lastly, you can fly to Dabolim airport off Panaji, both nationally and internationally from the UK, Germany, Russia and countless others.

Goa India
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What to Do and See in Goa

  • Visit the Churches

There are a lot of them and chances are you’ll find one to your liking.

  • Drench in Rain

The monsoons spent by the beach are huge crowd pullers.

  • Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries

There are ones which house even tigers.

  • Visit Spice Plantations

For a peek into the literally exotic.

Make it a point to see the Dudhsagar FallsThey are majestic and one of Goa’s main tourist attractions.

  • Party

Need I say more? This is what you basically came for.

Goa has a lot to offer to every kind of curious traveller, and it turns out it has a large slice of the international culture cake in store as well. From the legendary parties to the crowd enlivening DJs, the quaint historic churches by the dozen to the Dudhsagar Falls, this is one vacay you wouldn’t forget, guaranteed. Here’s to hoping this little guide comes in handy.

Bon Voyage!

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