Top 14 Homestays in Goa

Goa is a small union territory in India. The city has a strong Portugal influence due to the colonial rule. Goa is famed for its summers, beaches and fun. Though Goa is not just about beaches and parties. There is another side to Goa. The one that resides in the rural areas. Here it seems as though the whole area is lazing around and relaxing. No one is in a hurry and no one is ever late.

The beautiful town has many homestays. These homestays provide an affectionate environment, unlike the aloof stays one has in a hotel. In India, guests are equated with gods, “Athithi Devo Bhava“. Thus, a homestay in India is not only comfortable but also enjoyable. The hosts would make sure that all the needs of the visitors are being satisfied.

1. Casa Menzes

Casa Menzes
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The house has a hint of Portuguese architecture and still holds onto that virtue. Casa Menzes is located in a small village a few hours from Panjim. The village has a slow-moving life where everyone has their own pace of doing things. The stay is a beautiful mansion, lined by oak trees where the birds sit to sing their daily songs.

2. Secret Garden Resort

Secret Garden Resort
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Secret Garden Resort is located in South Goa and is close to the beaches. You can go for an early morning stroll from here or just decide that you want to shift the party to the beach when you feel like it.

3. Vivenda Rebelo

Vivenda Rebelo
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Vivenda Rebelo is a charming little Indo-Portuguese house settles in front of the Campal Gardens. The Goan heritage has been well preserved in the stay and will thus, give the visitors a glimpse into the past.

4. Arco Iris

Arco Iris
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The homestay is in South Goa. Arco Iris is quite secluded from the main areas and overlooks the Zuari river. It is among those places in the vicinity where one can go and unwind.

5. Sundays Forever

Sundays Forever
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It is a small villa in the North Goa. The villa has two bedrooms and a living area. The house also has a small garden. Sundays Forever is a quaint little villa that is perfect for a small family on a budget holiday.

6. Capella

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The homestay is managed by a small family that has lived in the town almost all their lives. Capella is located in a small village called Para. This small rural division in Goa has a sluggish existence that they would not trade for anything. The Sunday morning masses and weekday games in the courtyard are what adds to the charm in this quaint little stretch.

7. Cancio’s House

Cancio's House
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The homestay is run by a small family. The atmosphere here is always lively due to one or the other mischief being planned by the children of the house or there is an anticipation of the new dish that is being prepared by the lady of the house. Cancio’s House is located on the rural fringes of Goa.

8. Ollalium Backyards

Ollalium Backyards
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Ollalium Backyards is located away from the mainland. It is located near the edge of a river. Here every morning you will wake up to the sound of trickling water and chirping birds. The tranquil environment is the best to soothe frayed nerves and unwind sore muscles. A stay here will help you reenergize yourself mentally and physically.

9. Quinta da Graça

Quinta da Graça
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The stay is managed by a married couple. Quinta da Graça is located in a small village Saligão. A visit to this area will help one understand true Goan heritage that has its roots here.

10. Casa Paradiso

Casa Paradiso
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Casa Paradiso is located in the heart of the area that is Panjim. The city is filled with the hustle bustle of the daily life. There is easy accessibility to any religion in Goa from here.

11. The Only Olive

The Only Olive
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The stay is hidden away from prying eyes. The Only Olive is located on the banks of a river meandering its way around the vicinity. The homestay is an ideal location for all those who wish to take a break and just move away from everything for a jiff.

12. Zeus Homestays

Zeus Homestays
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Zeus Homestays is an Indo-Portugal styled villa in Benaulim. The beach and church are in close proximity to the villa.

13. Holycross Apartments

Holycross Apartments
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These are one BHK flats that are reputed for their service and close proximity to all places of interest. Holycross Apartments are really cheap and can be used by people on a short business trip looking for budget accommodations.

14. Casa Susegado

Casa Susegado
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This is a small three-bedroom villa in North Goa. The villa has a Mediterranean charm to it and is very charming. Casa Susegado has a small garden, where various types of flowers are planted that add colors to the quaint setting.

The many homestays in the town are the promise of a comfortable stay. They are not only economical but also assure a pleasant stay.

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