Top 5 Waterfall Rappelling Destinations in India

A country filled with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters of the sea, dazzling white glaciers, dense forests with more than a hundred shades of green and sparkling and pure waterfalls, India is a cherished holiday destination amongst adventure enthusiasts. From snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing to kayaking, rafting and water rappelling, there are hundreds of thrilling sites in this vibrant country which offer amazing and blood-pumping water sports waiting to embellish your vacations even more. With the youth all over the world trying out new adventures to spice up their vacations, we take a look at the best destinations in India for one of the most favorite water sports of all time, water rappelling or abseiling. Offered throughout the country at various tourist spots with a serene backdrop, water rappelling is gaining popularity throughout the country. Enumerated here are the 5 of the ultimate places you can go in India to experience the best rappel down the water.

1. Chelavara Waterfalls, Coorg, Karnataka

Photo by SHIYAS, CC BY-SA 4.0

One of the most magnificent hill stations in the country, Coorg is nestled in the rolling slopes of the dense Western Ghats offering a serene and lush green forest cover to experience a refreshing vacation. But the adventurers needn’t despair. Coorg also satisfies the wild spirits looking for some thrill in the mountains by offering adventure activities like night safari, trekking, cycling and waterfall rappelling, just to name a few. You can get up, close and personal with the nature here by rappelling down the thunderous and famous Chelavara waterfalls. Instructors and experts are on guard the entire time and provide you with the best equipment and gear. This near an hour joy ride complete with picturesque surroundings and a cool ambiance will be the best experience you’ll ever have.

2. Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli, Maharashtra

Give your heart a jolt with a descent from the top of the beautiful and ferocious Madap waterfalls. The rappel down this 120 feet waterfall is an exhilarating experience. Located 72 kilometres from the capital city of Mumbai, the panoramic site will add to the joy of this adventure. With perfect gear and the icy water beating down on you, Madap waterfalls is drawing visitors by the score each day.

3. Kondana Caves Waterfalls, Karjat, Maharashtra

Kondana Caves, Photo by Shlokmane, CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated near the Kondana caves, on the road towards Rajmachi, this 100 feet high waterfall offers an enthralling rappel down to its base. Set in a picturesque location near Buddhist caves and a dense forest cover abuzz with the chirping of an array of exotic birds, the adventure here is thrilling.

4. Bekare Waterfalls, Near Bhivpuri, Maharashtra

One of the most famous waterfalls for adventure activities, especially for waterfall rappelling, Bekare waterfalls near Bhivpuri in Karjat, Maharashtra offers a truly magical and awing experience. Rappelling or abseiling down this fierce waterfall will surely satiate all the daredevil spirits out there. The height of the waterfall goes up to 130 feet, providing a truly tantalizing descent.

5. Vardayini Waterfalls, Near Kherwadi village, Maharashtra

Lying on the Mumbai – Goa highway, close to Sukeli Khind, are the wondrous Vardayini waterfalls, an ultimate destination for water rappelling. Deriving its name from the local Vardayini Devi temple, this 135 feet high waterfall rappelling, descending down through the rocky patches is a hair-raising experience. With lush greenery around, the mesmerizing site adds to the excitement.

An addictive sport, water rappelling is a thrilling adventure that can be experienced at many glorious locations throughout the country.

Just 5 of many other numerous sites, these locations are beautiful and offer an enchanting descent down to the lush cool waters in scenic spots.

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