Top 5 Treks in Karnataka

Karnataka has some thrilling terrains and spots with views that are unparalleled. Even though the places are so near the city of Bangalore, you would be amazed to see how contrasting the places you travel to are. As you go, you’ll find yourself moving away gradually from the busy city life into nature’s lap. This comes as a great relief to all those young professionals who can take a break from their work and spend weekends with friends in perfect harmony. The weather is pleasant throughout the year with soothing climate and scenery. Here are top 5 treks in Karnataka just for you!

1. Ramanagara Trek

Ramdevarabetta,  Photo by L. Shyamal, CC BY 2.5

Most of you would be familiar with the rocky mountains of Ramanagara in Karnataka. As you go up, you can spot at Rama temple and it is believed that Lord Rama killed the demon Kakasura from here. As you go further up, breathtaking views await you. There are many adventure activities such as rock climbing in which you can involve on the trip to Ramanagara.

Altitude: 747 m

2. Bheemeshwari Trek

Gleaming river Cauveri and whispering forests greets you on your way to Bheemeshwari. There are trekking options available for beginners and expert trekkers and you can go through different routes accordingly. The forests are home to many rare species of animals and birds. Shutterbugs will have a great time capturing the exquisites of this place. Kayaking and fun activities along the river Cauvery can be a perfect finish to your weekend exploration. Raw adventure awaits you at Bheemeshwari with the nearby Chikmangalur waterfalls.

Altitude – 1200 m

3. Makalidurga Trek

Photo by Shashank Gupta, CC BY 2.0

The ruins of Makalidurga fort and the railway station make you feel like you have traveled back in time. Sunset and sunrise paint the sky with rustic colors and the view from the fort will fascinate you beyond limits. The fort has a temple of Lord Shiva and Nandi. Barren rocks might make your path seem difficult but you are probably going to forget about the hardships as you move along the greenery that surrounds you. The mountain is filled with boulders and plants. On either side of the hill you will find lakes.

Altitude – 1,117m

4. Kabbaladurga Night Trek

Kabbaladurga night trek through the thorny bushes is probably the best alternative for adventure enthusiasts. After you reach a considerable height, the gleaming lights of the city below and the moonlit sky above you will leave you with a divine feeling. A temple of Goddess Kabbalamma is situated on top of the hill. You can return after you watch the sunset from the top. This trek can build memories for a lifetime if you are traveling with an enthusiastic bunch of people.

Altitude – 1000m

5. Savandurga Trek

Photo by Shyamal, CC BY-SA 3.0

Savandurga is one of the mightiest single rock formation in the country and forms a part of the Deccan Plateau. Apart from the green canopy that surrounds the place, you can see the architectural marvel of rulers at the Fort located here. The slopes are gentle and as you go up, the terrain gets rocky with little vegetation. The blue sky stares at you when you reach the summit. The ideal time, however, is during the winter when the climate is just perfect.

Altitude – 1226 m

The best thing about trekking in Karnataka is that the mountains are accessible almost all around the year. With gentle slopes, even the fresh bunch of travelers will have a happy time trekking. With activities such as rock climbing and kayaking, it just gets better. You can pack some food and spend a perfect team outing with your colleagues or friends. That’s plenty of reasons to pack your bags I hope. Happy journey!

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