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The Victoria Memorial

Top 5 Museums in Kolkata

1shares Even in today’s technological world, Museums are pivotal sites to take a look into the history of any particular city or a country. Kolkata, being an intellectual division of India’s freedom struggle and producing well-known writers and revolutionaries is a place filled copious museums to travel and glimpse into …

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The Oberoi Grand

Top 10 Resorts in Kolkata

2.5Kshares Endearingly popular as the City of Joy, Kolkata is well-known for its intellectuals, the mouth-watering food and its rich history plus the joyful celebrations of every festival here. With the fabulous Sundarbans to the culturally wonderful Maa Durga statues made here, Kolkata is splendidly beautiful to amaze you with …

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Top 10 Popular Picnic Spots in Kolkata

2.6Kshares A city still radiating the charm, wonder and the oppression of a perpetually haunting dominance of the British empire, Kolkata proudly serves as the cultural and the intellectual capital of the country. Depicted as a deteriorating site of decadents and poorest of the country in Hollywood movies, the city …

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Top 10 Haunted Places in Kolkata

2.6Kshares In India, there are stories which talk about mysterious happenings. Of course, the yesteryear stories of kings, queens and their curious lives too add to it. If you thought only villages have places that can be called haunted, then think again as even the metro cities have spooky places …

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Top 5 Historic Places and Monuments in Kolkata

2.2Kshares Kolkata, famously known as the ‘City of Joy’, is not just another metro city, but has an important place in the history of India. It was the first capital of the British rulers when they had just started building their system of administration to empower their position in the …

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Top 5 Theme Parks in Kolkata

2.3Kshares Kolkata being a metropolitan city, offers all the facilities of modern life and also all scopes of amusements. Besides movies, theater, fairs, shopping malls and markets, here are different theme parks to enjoy holidays. Most of these parks are especially attractive for children, having fun rides or sport equipments. …

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Top 5 Things to Do in Kolkata

1.6Kshares Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is the metropolitan city of said state that is not only an architectural brilliance but also an interesting location in itself. The city used to be the capital of British India, and was the introduction of the East India Trading Post. Boasting …

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10 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

1.6Kshares Whether it’s the beautiful art galleries, the grand colonial architecture or its general hustle-bustle – Kolkata in all its glory comes alive as soon as one sets foot in this city. From being India’s capital under the British Raj from 1773-1911, Calcutta, as it was formerly known, has today …

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10 Fascinating Honeymoon Destinations Near Kolkata

2.2Kshares With the starting of the new phase of life with your beloved, honeymoon is the first gear to start the beautiful journey called marriage. It is very important for any couple to choose the right destination for their honeymoon as the experience will be spoken about for their entire …

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15 Refreshing Hill Stations Near Kolkata

1.6Kshares The second city built by the British Empire after London, Kolkata is located by the banks of the river Hoogly and is known to be the cultural capital of East India. Kolkata served as the nation’s capital till it was shifted to Delhi in 1911. Due to its early …

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