Top 5 Places To Visit In Kohima

The capital of Nagaland, Kohima is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places to visit. Situated at a height of 1500 meters, Kohima is endowed with picturesque landscapes. Enclosed by lush green hills and forests, Kohima makes an ideal place for trekking, camping and hiking. Kohima derived its name from a wild flower named ‘Kew Hi’ which is found in the mountains of Nagaland. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Kohima:

1. Japfu Peak

Towering at a height of 3048 meters above sea level, Japfu Peak is crowned as the second highest peak in Nagaland. Situated at 15 km south of Kohima, this peak is a paradise for trekking lovers and attracts numerous visitors throughout the year. The trekking experience up to Japfu Peak is a breathtaking experience. The panoramic view of the valley from the top of the peak is a treat for photography connoisseurs. The entire valley of Japfu Peak is covered with lush green forest and wild flowers. This peak is a refuge to the 130 ft tall giant Rhododendron tree, one of the tallest tress of the world. With mist covered forests and splendid scenic beauty, Japfu is one of the best places to visit in Kohima. October to May is the best time to plan a holiday trip to the Japfu Peak, Kohima.

2. Dzükou Valley


Photo by Mongyamba, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you dreamt of walking through picturesque valleys covered with exotic wild flowers, encircled by mystic green hills, Dzukou valley is the right place for you. Located at a height of nearly 8000ft above sea level-just behind Japfu peak, the splendid Dzükou valley offers one of the best trekking experiences. The entire valley gets covered with variety of multi-colored flowers like euphorbia, rhododendrons, aconitum, and lilies in spring. Popularly known as the ‘The Valley of Flower’, Dzükou derives its name from a Mao word that means ice cold water. The valley has several seamlessly flowing streams of water that freezes in winter. Located nearly 30 km away from Kohima, this valley has enriched flora and fauna, natural caves and green forests, making it an ideal destination for camping. The best time to visit the beautiful valley is June to September. With its emerald green hills, dense forest, swirling streams and tranquility, Dzükou makes a must visit holiday destination in Kohima.

3. War Cemetery


Photo by PP Yoonus, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are interested in history, a visit to the Kohima War Cemetery will be a worthwhile experience for you. This cemetery is dedicated to the 1,420 soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Second World War against the Japanese. During the war, these brave hearts had heroically blocked the Japanese soldiers at the border of India. This cemetery is located near Kohima city centre, on the northern side of Imphal-Dimapur highway. The cemetery is open for visitors on weekdays. The Kohima War Cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

4. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated at a distance of 37 km from Dimapur, the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary conserves several rare species of plants, birds and animals like barking deer, flying squirrel, mithun (gayal), wild dog, sloth bear, tiger etc. Spread over an area of 200 sq km, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded with lush green forest and mountains. The main attraction of this forest is Hoolock Gibbon, the only species of ape found in India. Though the forest can be visited anytime of the year, the best time to make a trip to Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is from November to February. Besides, various types of animals you can find rare species of birds like hornbill, Green Pigeon, black stork etc in this forest.

5. Khonoma Village

Located just 20 km away from Kohima, Khonoma is a small village that bears the remembrance of the enriched heritage and cultural legacy of Nagaland. This Angami tribe village holds an important place in the history of Nagaland. The brave warriors of Nagaland who had fought with invaders to protect their motherland, used to live at Khonoma village. The traditional entrance gate of Khonoma speaks about the sacrifice of the villagers to save their land from the foreign intruders. You can find several memorials in the village built in the honor of those fighters who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the village. Surrounded by dense green mountains and endowed with scenic beauty, this village attracts tourists across the world. Every tourist spot of Khonoma reflects the old glory of Nagaland.

Kohima is one of the few places that are still untouched from the modern commercialization and human activities. With all its amazing panorama, gushing streams, exotic wildlife and picturesque valleys, Kohima is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Nagaland.

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  1. Dzukou valley is popularly known as ‘Valley of Flowers of Northeast’ not ‘valley of flowers’. Original ‘Valley of Flowers’ is located in Uttarakhand.


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