Top 5 Places to Visit in Kiphire

Kiphire is a small, yet a very beautiful hill town of Nagaland. Located amidst the Saramati Mountains, the town has some breath taking scenes of nature to offer. It is also a perfect location for the adventure enthusiasts as the place has provisions for rafting, trekking and canoeing. The highest peak of Nagaland, the Saramathi Mountains, lies in this town, offering a perfect place for the trekkers. A number of small villages are a part of this picturesque town. These villages make the town even more popular as they have quite a few waterfalls and caves that attract a large number of tourists. Given below are some of the best places of Kiphire.

1. Fakhim Wildlife Sanctuary

This huge wildlife sanctuary covers an area of around 642 hectares. Fakhim Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many animals such as lions, wild buffaloes, leopards, mithun, tigers and hoolock gibbons. The geographical location of this sanctuary allows it to receive heavy rainfalls, as a result of which you can witness great vegetation. Sasi, Khasi Pine, Bogipoma, Gamari, Hollock, Bonsum, Amari, Uriam, Oaks, Alder, Nahor, and Kachna are some of the trees that can be found here. This sanctuary is an ideal place for the wildlife lovers as well as the nature lovers.

2. Saramati Peak

As mentioned earlier, the Saramati Peak is the highest peak of Nagaland going up to the height of 3826 m above sea level. This peak is covered with snow during the winters and offers amazing views throughout the year. Dense forests cover the mountain range. It has a diverse range of flora and fauna which includes a few rare species as well. Beautiful scenes can be seen from any given height of the peak. Apart from the dense forests, the mountain also has a number of orchids. People interested in trekking can undertake this three-day long trek during which they would pass a number of scenic villages as well.

3. Caves of Salomi

Located in the Salomi village, this cave is a nature’s wonder. It is said that these caves are not man-made and have come to existence with the blessings of mother nature. This cave is an excellent example of the architectural excellence of nature. It has a number of entry and exit points. The River Likimro also connects with the cave at one end. The surprises do not end here. A perfectly designed drainage system seems to be a part of the cave. A four feet hole is there in the cave’s floor where the villagers dump their waste. This waste comes out in the river after five to six days.

4. Caves of Mimi

The caves of Mimi lie in the Mimi village. One can reach there by walking for about an hour. These caves lie at an altitude of 300 – 400 feet.  There are four caves here and they are shelters to the wild animals and bats. These caves have too many bats and people often get terrified seeing such a large number of bats at once. The caves look beautiful in spite of everything. They are a must visit in Kiphire.

5. Sukhayap

Located at a distance of 5 km from Mimi, Sukhayap is also known as the Lover’s Paradise. It is a steep cliff that can be climbed with the help of a ladder. One can see the beauty of the lowlands from up there. The view is nothing less than a treat to one’s eyes.

The best time to visit Kiphire is between the months of October and March. If you love adventure or nature, you might not want to miss out on this stunning place. Kiphire might leave an imprint on your mind that would last a lifetime.

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