A Complete Tour Guide to Kohima Hill Station

The capital city of the border state of Nagaland and sharing one of its borders with Burma is the Kohima Hill Station. It is not only an important city from an administrative and cultural point of view but also has an abundance of natural beauty to offer any visitor.The area became famous during the British Raj when they were invaded by the British army in the 1840s, but the fierce Nagas refused to back down, protecting their land for many years until they finally succumbed to British powers after 40 years. The area has also seen Japanese incursions into India during the Second World War. Originally called as Thigoma, the name Kohima comes from the beautiful wild flower Kewhi which is native to these parts. Located at an elevation of 4,738 feet, Kohima has much to offer any nature lover as well as anyone to wishes to explore and understand the native history and culture of the Angami Naga tribe and the Rengma tribe.

Photo by Sharada Prasad CS, CC BY 2.0

Climatic Conditions

Kohima has a moderate subtropical climate. This makes the area worth visiting all year round. Summers (June to August), which are the longest season, are hot and humid with very heavy rainfall. Winters (December to February) are mild and pleasant, with a slight chance at snowfall in the higher reaches.

Best Time To Visit

Due to the extremely high rainfall during summer and monsoon months, Kohima becomes best to visit in the other seasons, when the temperature is mild and the rainfall infrequent. During the months of October to May, that is, the autumn, winter and spring season, the area is in full bloom and the weather is pleasant enough to make for a wonderful vacation.

Attractions/ Things To Do

The areas in and around Kohima are extremely abundant in natural beauty, with lush green trees and various exotic species of birds and animals. One can also explore the area and interact with the locals to find out about the rich history and culture of this area. The most famous event here is the Hornbill Festival, an annual event that takes place in December and continues for one week. Named after a renowned indigenous bird, this festival was started in the year 2000 and takes place at Kisama, on the outskirts of Kohima. This festival celebrates the various tribes and communities living in Nagaland and the culture and arts of each. It comprises of various exciting events and activities such as a market selling local handicrafts, artwork, spices and medicine, demonstrations of indigenous games, traditions and performing arts including wrestling, fire-eating, music concerts, a film festival, a literature festival, car rallies and much more. Each year, tourists crowd here by the hundreds to witness this festival.

A beautiful War Memorial, dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War is present in Kohima. The names of all the soldiers are etched into stone over here. There is also the grand Catholic Cathedral at Aradura Hill, one of the most important places of worship in North Eastern India. The Nagaland State Museum and the Zoological Park are worth visiting to understand the lives and culture of the local people. If one is looking for peace and tranquility amongst nature, one can visit the Kohima Village and the Japhu Peak, the second highest peak in Nagaland. Besides this, there are the Dzukou Valley and Dzulekie Stream, which are famous for their natural beauty.

How To Reach

The closest airport to Kohima is the Dimapur Airport, which is well connected to all neighboring and major cities by regular flights. The closest railway station is also in Dimapur. The best way to access Kohima is by road. Many private bus and taxi services are available which will take any tourist directly to Kohima. The city lies on the National Highways 2, 29 and 39.

Distance From Major Cities

  • Dimapur – 68 kilometers
  • Imphal – 137 kilometers
  • Guwahati – 346 kilometers
  • Kolkata – 1331 kilometers
  • Delhi – 2233 kilometers
  • Hyderabad – 2693 kilometers
  • Ahmedabad – 2845 kilometers
  • Chennai – 2967 kilometers
  • Mumbai – 2999 kilometers
  • Pune – 3020 kilometers
  • Bangalore – 3283 kilometers

Accessibility And Accommodation

The city is very welcoming towards any tourists. There are various luxury hotels and resorts at exotic locations with excellent views of the surrounding areas. Besides this, there are also many budget hotels, lodges and homestays which offer all the amenities one may expect.

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