10 World-Class Resorts in Sakleshpur

Move over the tried and tested hills of north India and head on over to the south for a fresh breath of air. Sakleshpur is an embodiment of delectation in the beautiful state of Karnataka. The specks of green on the brown of the hills, the sounds of the hill’s fauna and the whispering winds, Sakleshpur is a great tourist spot. Located in western Ghats, Sakleshpur is a hub of biodiversity with colourful flora and fauna. Besides the beautiful landscape and terrains, even the hospitality of the locals and their warm welcomes would make your stay at Sakleshpur a memorable one.

With the dazzling views and sights of the Manjabadara fort and the smell of the expansive coffee estates, a relaxing resort is what you need to make Sakleshpur even more desirable. These 10 luxurious resorts will make your slumber and your leisure a perfect match for the beautiful Sakleshpur.

1. The Hills Resort

The Hills Resort
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Cottage resorts with open-air dinning, the Hills Resort is a beautiful sight to behold. With the close by smell of the coffee beans and lush greenery, The Hills is a cozy resort offering the best of Sakleshpur’s spark. Breathe in the calmness of the hills and unwind in the lap of nature at The Hills Resort.

2. Eka Resort

Eka Resort
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If being in proximity with nature is your true calling, the Eka resort is sure to resonate your inner desires. Built to give you a rejuvenating holiday, this resort has everything you could ask for. From world-class food to a refreshing swimming pool, all comes together with the magnificent views of Sakleshpur.

3. Jenukallu Resort

Jenukallu Resort
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Located a few kilometer away from Sakleshpur, the Jenukallu Resort is a foothill resort to give you a mesmerizing view of the mountain ranges. There are camping arrangements as well for you at the resort. With a serene, peaceful aura and a private balcony with each cottage, your stay at the Jenukallu resort would truly be an abode with nature.

4. Hullivana Resort

Hullivana Resort
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Hullivana Resort is one that would give you a once in a lifetime experience of living in the forest. With three accommodations spread wide apart, two villas and one wooden cabin, the guests at this resort are bound to feel at one with nature. Enjoy some warm food and an even warmer hospitality at this gorgeous resort.

5. Ibbani Resort

Ibbani Resort
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A cottage resort nestled in the vibrant Western Ghats, Ibbani Resort provides some great views of Sakleshpur hill station. A true cultural experience is provided at this resort, with traditional Malnad cuisine served in buffet style. For the ones who wish to stay even more closer to the wilderness, the resort provides spacious tents and fetching camping facilities.

6. Baalecool Nature Resort

Baalecool Nature Resort
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If you feel that technology has invaded your life and there seems to be no escape, Baalecool Nature Resort offers you the perfect place to run away. The resort has no mobile network, television or any other distractions. The only thing that remains is the pristine nature and your connection to it. Bond peacefully with your loved ones in the breathtaking valleys offered by Baalecool Nature Resort, without interruptions.

7. Tusk & Dawn Resort

Tusk & Dawn Resort
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Driving through the dense trees and the energising smell of coffee bean, have a rendezvous with the great Tusk & Dawn resort. The resort is built to provide you with the best of Sakleshpur’s wilderness. Trek along its paths in the morning and delight yourself with the colourful birds and bees.

8. Pebbles & Bean Resort

Pebbles & Bean Resort
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A resort that matches the beauty of these hills in the Western Ghats, Pebbles & Bean has towering cottages styled with local Karnataka architecture. Having a gorgeous swimming pool, a mini-theatre and a comfortable lounge, this resort is going to give you the perfect combination of relaxation and a timely service.

9. Jungle Lodge Resort

Jungle Lodge Resort
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A home away from home, the rustic cottages of the Jungle Lodge Resort will take you close to nature and tranquillity. The courteous staff with the pristine environment will help you experience the real meaning of a hill vacation, away from the fast-paced relations and surroundings of the city.

10. Sakleshpur Resort

Set in the lively hills of Sakleshpur, the namesake resort has a homely ambiance with a wide spread area that offers you the luxury of privacy. The best part of Sakleshpur Resort would be the scenic dinning area surrounded by the coffee plantation. Eat delicious cuisine in the midst of nature for a truly surreal experience.

A hill station vacation is a de-stressing antidote to the tiring work life. The beautiful valleys and the stimulating coffee fields of Sakleshpur would help you wind-down in a pleasant fashion. Added to that, a stay at these ravishing resorts is bound to make Sakleshpur a favourite destination for your relaxing getaways.

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