Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Karnataka

Karnataka offers one of the most beautiful honeymoon places in India to mark this beautiful beginning in a special and unique way. You’ll find a place where you two will fit right in, have enough time and the right space to get to know each other better, make some mesmerizing memories in your heart and in the trusty photographs and basically have your first adventure together! Karnataka offers cold and snuggly hill stations so that you can make each other feel warm along with fascinating historical remains, artifacts and a busy but dazzling Metropolitan to have a great time. So here are the most popular honeymoon destinations in Karnataka that you should visit with your now better half:

1. Coorg

Photo by Kalidas Pavithran, CC BY 2.0 

Coorg is a tiny little quaint self-sufficient town with warm, welcoming people whose way of life gives a sense that they don’t have a worry in the world. It has the perfect weather and here people make each and every day special. This hill station is most famous for its coffee plantations and trekking spots but is perfect for calm, enriching getaways. No matter what kind of a couple you are, you will find your welcome- either in the grand, gorgeous resorts or the warm, caring home-stays. You can enjoy nature at its best and get to know your partner, while fishing or bird watching here. You’ll feel that there is no sense of time and you two can sit together, away from the rest of civilization and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Bangalore

Photo by vhines200, CC BY-ND 2.0 

Bangalore is often referred to as the city which can make anyone feel at home. That fact owes not just to the extremely metropolitan culture of the city and its gigantic corporate houses but also to the just right weather- never too hot, never too cold, amazing recreational places in and around the city and the plethora of cultural and religious destinations. Rightly called the Garden City, Bangalore’s Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh are a nature-lover’s dream come true and make sure you don’t miss the Independence Day and Republic Day Horticulture Show or the Mango Mela at Lal Bagh if you’re in the city around those times. Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and the museums in the city will give you an informative and fascinating glimpse into History. Given how Bangalore is filled with fun-loving and creative people, there is hardly anything that you cannot do here.

3. Mysore

Photo by Navaneeth KN, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Mysore is the Royal City of Karnataka. It is the standing evidence of the grandeur and elegance of the past in the form of its magnificent palaces, gorgeous gardens and ferocious forts. The Mysore Palace is an intimidating still absolutely stunning place to visit and Mysore offers other palaces too if your heart craves for more. Brindavan Gardens, named after the God of love, Lord Krishna have to be a part of your itinerary and you will love the Musical Fountain show here. Mysore has a lot of interesting museums- from railways to folk lore- and its own style of painting too. Mysore is also a popular destination for experiencing Ashtang Yoga and starting your mornings with it seems like a very apt way to start your new lives. And while you’re here don’t forget to indulge in the delicious Mysore Pak and buy a stunning Mysore silk saree.

4. Halebeedu

Photo by Anks.manuja, CC BY-SA 3.0 

The name literally means Ruined City but that just accounts for a historical invasion of the city rather than the current state of affairs. Halebeedu is a quiet, quaint little city which you will absolutely love if isolation from the world, with only your special someone is your idea of a romantic getaway. The sculptures and architecture that this place contains generate awe in commoners and enthusiasts, alike. The place is most famous for its temples; the Hoysaleswara temple and the Shantaleshwara temple which you’ll be really happy to know are named after Vishnuvardhana Hoysala and his dearest wife, Queen Shantala. Visiting this historical epitome of true undying love should be a good head-start for the journey you have in front of you.

5. Chikmagalur

Photo by solarisgirl, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Another hill station, Chikmagalur is often referred to as the Coffee land of Karnataka and is a must visit for all the coffee lovers. If the fragrance of your favorite brew early in the morning followed by the brilliant taste can make your day imagine being among coffee plantations extending beyond what you can see. It’s located in the foothills of the Mullayanaagari range and that gives it some unique sights and a splendid weather. Mahatma Gandhi Park or Rathnagiri Bore is the popular tourist destination which entertains with its toy train ride, enthralls with its rose garden and allows you to sit back and enjoy with its plethora of cultural programs. You will find a lot of historically popular spots here. So happy exploring!

This may seem like just the beginning but remember that it is the end of a phase of life- one of careless attitudes and recklessness. As you enter this next phase of responsibility and accountability, hold your partner’s hand tight and just remember not to let go. Have intimate conversations, explore each other’s depths and love who they really are- with all their flaws. And a honeymoon in Karnataka should give you a perfect backdrop to do just that!

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