Top 10 Resorts for an Unforgettable Stay in Dandeli

Dandeli is a town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka in India. This town lures local as well as international tourists and adventure freaks.

Dandeli is famed for the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary located here which is home to over 200 species of birds that make this place a must visit for amateur as well as professional bird-watchers and enthusiasts. This wildlife sanctuary also flaunts the presence of rare and unusual animals like the Indian Pangolin, Malabar Giant Squirrel, and the Barking Deer. This sanctuary has been a national tiger reserve since 1997, increasing the tiger population from 13 to 40. The easy access to the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary makes it one of the most visited places in Karnataka by nature lovers and wildlife aficionados.

Among other things, Dandeli is also known for its adventure sports, treks, and excursions. White water rafting, Rappelling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Riverside fishing, Jungle safaris, and Croc treks make it to most of the tourist itineraries. This place welcomes a host of globetrotters because of its closeness to places like Goa and its connection to Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hubli and other major cities.

Dandeli also features important temples and Mathas like the Dutta Mandir, Ulavi Temple, and the caves of Kavla, which attract tourists in search of spirituality and peace.

Dandeli has a number of resorts for tourists and visitors because of its throbbing tourism industry. Here is a list of the top ten resorts in Dandeli that you should stay in:

1. Magenta Resort

Magenta Resort
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Set near the Kali River in the woodlands, Magenta resort has several cottages that bring to mind the feeling of being one with nature. Some of these cottages face a lake and it is quite an experience to stand on the balcony or terrace and see the beauty surrounding you. The resort offers trips and treks to visitors, and also provides a range of activities like archery, badminton, zip lining, etc. on the premises.

2. Kadumane Homestay

Kadumane Homestay
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Kadumane Homestay is a resort at a distance of around 12 kilometres from the town. This place offers stay options in cottages and tents. In Kadumane, you will feel close to nature and the get the opportunity to explore the forests and rivers. As Kadumane is located in the Joida taluk where three rivers, including the majestic and Kali, arise, long hikes, fragrant herbal baths, and exploring herbs in jungles define the experience at this resort. If you are in search of peace and tranquillity, this may be the perfect place for you.

3. Amara Homestay

Amara Homestay
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Situated in the Gundi Village in Dandeli, Amara Homestay offers the perfect balance between adventure and the calmness of true village life. This simply designed yet highly functional resort offers great adventure sports opportunities like white water rafting, jungle safari, and trekking. Its location just five kilometres away from the famous Syntheri Rocks makes it a great place to stay in.

4. Hornbill River Resort

Hornbill River Resort
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From cottages, rock houses, and tree houses to tents, Hornbill River Resort offers a variety of options for visitors. The natural Jacuzzi in this resort is commendable and provides an experience you will cherish for years to come. This river resort provides activities like night boat rides, trekking, camping, and nature walks among others.

5. Dandeli Chalet

Dandeli Chalet
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The Dandeli Chalet is a beautiful resort in the Bamanagi village in Dandeli. This resort offers complimentary nature walks and bonfire nights to visitors. Kayaking, cycling, bird watching, jungle safari, and crocodile spotting are other activities you can do in and around this property spread in 15 acres.

6. Dandeli Dreams Homestay

Dandeli Dreams Homestay
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Around 20 kilometres away from the stunning Dudhsagar Falls, Dandeli Dreams Homestay is remarkable if you want to go sightseeing. This resort has cottages and rooms equipped with all the modern amenities that you may need to make your stay comfortable in Dandeli. The environment, food, and generosity of the staff are admirable and make this place a great option to stay in.

7. Panther Stay

Panther Stay
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Situated just five kilometres from Dandeli, Panther Stay will make you connect with nature like never before. Here you can try your skills at archery and shooting, have fun at rain dance, go for sight-seeing with knowledgeable guides, and overall, have an amazing stay in the lap of nature. From here you can visit the Sky Point in Dandeli and go and ride the waves in river Kali.

8. Wildflower Homestay

Wildflower Homestay
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Take a weekend off and stay in Wildflower Homestay to experience the tranquillity of forests. Situated near the Kali River, Wildflower can provide an answer to all your travel and tourist related doubts about Dandeli. From river rafting to sight-seeing, Wildflower offers something to everyone. At this resort, they pay close attention to cleanliness and eco-friendly behaviour, so make sure that you cause no damage to the forests and the surrounding area.

9. Old Magazine House

Old Magazine House
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Located in Ganesh Gudi, Old Magazine House carries with itself an old-world charm and a rustic feel that is rarely found in other resorts. Coming here is like taking a step back in time and going back to the days when everything was much simpler. You can visit the Shivaji Fort, Hulvi Temple, Killa Garden, and Syntheri Rocks from this resort.

10. Riverside Stay

Riverside Stay
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On the banks of Kali River, Riverside Stay is a resort that attracts plenty of families and honeymooners because of its quiet charm. Its presence in relative isolation makes Riverside Stay a great place to just wind down and relax. The food available here is organic and home-cooked which gives the feeling of staying in a home away from home.

With Dandeli offering literally tons of options for a stay, it might get hard to choose the best one for you and your loved ones. I hope that this list would help you make an informed decision. Wherever you choose to stay on your next visit to Dandeli, do share your experiences with fellow travellers. Which of these resorts would you want to visit? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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