Upli Buruj, Bijapur

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: History, Viewpoint
  • Entrance Fee: No fee for this public space
  • Visiting Time: Sunrise to Sunset (Daily)
  • Visit Duration: About an hour

The Upli Buruj is a tall watch tower present in Bijapur, which is also known as Vijaypura, in the state of Karnataka. Located about 530 kilometers from the capital Bangalore, this region is widely famed for its amazing architectural marvels and its deep historical background which saw its growth during the rule of the Adil Shahi dynasty. The towering spot of Upli Buruj has got a multitude of steps which have got to be climbed to get to the topmost viewpoint. From there a gorgeous view of the city, along with the major monuments spread throughout the city are visible. In addition, the top of the tower has got two ancient cannons which were a part of the defense system of the city, for visitors to look into. The architectural beauty of the structure, along with the stunning view from the top, makes it a place which is not to be missed by anyone visiting the region.

Upli Buruji
Photo by Nimbalkar jk, CC BY-SA 3.0

Traveler Tips

  • The steep steps are a little hard to climb and so aged people are advised to keep away.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated and carry caps and hats to reduce the effects of the heat in the region.

Things to Do

  • Take in the stunning view of the whole town which lies beneath as a speck.
  • Photograph the captivating view from the top as well as the breathtaking architecture of the tower.
  • Get a chance to see how the cannons of the olden times were structured and functioned.
  • Visit the nearby attraction of the magnificent Gol Gumbaz, which is the second largest dome in the world.
  • Also drop in to visit the Asar Mahal, Gagan Mahal and the Chand Bawdi.
  • Shop around at the local bazaars to buy the local handicraft items which the region is famous for.
  • Eat around at the local eateries to taste the authentic food of the region.

Availability of Guides

Plenty of local guides are available as this region thrives from tourist activity. Hire a local guide to show you around the various monuments around the region.

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time to visit the location would be during the winter months of October to February. This is the time when the climate is mild and quite pleasant to roam throughout the city. The summers are really hot and humid and is best avoided as they can turn out to be very tiring. The monsoon time is also great to visit as the area is inviting with its greenery, but heavy rains can disrupt travel itineraries.

How to Reach

Bijapur has got its own airport owning to its strategic importance as a major tourist spot. The city has also got a well connected railway network, which connects the city to various other cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Hubli. There are plenty of bus services from and to the city while a great road network makes a road trip to the location a highly appealing option. Travel within the city is achieved by cabs and auto rickshaws.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about the Upli Buruji

  • The towering piece of architecture stands tall at 80 feet.
  • It has got a dome at the top and circular steps leading to the view point.
  • The construction of the watch tower was done under Hyder Khan, who was the commander in chief of the then royalty, Adil Shah.
  • It is said that the construction of the cylindrical building was completed at around 1584 AD.
  • It is also known locally as the Hyder Buruji, after its constructor, Hyder Khan.
  • There has been fencing put up on the watch tower for the safety of visitors.
  • The tower has been built towards the western side of the citadel.
Bara Kaman
Bara Kaman, Photo by Ramnath Bhat, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Central Market
  • Jod Gumbad
  • Bara Kaman
  • Gol Gumbaz
  • Mithari and Asar Mahals
  • Ibrahim Rauza Tombs

Nearby Restaurants

  • Qaswa Hills
  • Kamath Restaurant
  • Caffiesta
  • Shisha
  • Ridhi Restaurant

The soul stirring view from the top of this irresistible monument is one of the main reasons why people keep visiting the spot and take the effort to climb all the way up. This ancient city, drenched with history, is the perfect spot for history buffs and architecture lovers to spend their vacation in.

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