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Serenita Homestay

Top 15 Homestays in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a mesmerizing hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Popularly known for its gifted landscapes, cool climate, lush forests and charming people, Kodaikanal makes a popular tourist destination in India as well as abroad. The majority of its economy depends on tourism industry and the locals are …

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Broken Bridge

Top 9 Haunted Places in Chennai

Chennai is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the country and endowed with the choicest blessings of Mother Nature. But, in this article, we show you a different side of this joyous city. Read further to find out more.

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Top 5 Adventure Sports to Experience in Chennai

The Chennai metropolis is an industrial hub with people settling here from different places. In the hustle and bustle of city life, you sure need a getaway and a little bit of thrill. Whether you are a tourist or a dweller, you can seek out ample adventure in Chennai. Here …

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Marlborough House

Top 15 Homestays in Ooty

Ooty is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu in the district of Nilgiris. This list would enumerate many home stay in the region of Ooty and Coonoor, that are about forty-five minutes away from each other. The small hill station is the epitome of beauty and charm. It is …

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Tea Nest Nature Resort

10 Most Eco-Friendly Resorts in Coonoor

With the assortment of incredible holiday destinations in South India, Coonoor was nowhere far behind. The naturally munificent hill town in the midst of the enchanting Nilgiri Hills is a sight like no other. In this paradise of unmatched beauty, you’d want to look for a place to stay while …

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Misty Creek Homestay

Top 10 Nature Resorts in Valparai

Coimbatore’s Valparai is an undiscovered and quaint little town that can’t just be overlooked because of Tamil Nadu’s other numerous wonders. Valparai comes with a carpet of green and a breath of fresh air away from the world of noise and bustle of city life. There’s a calming ambience that …

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Government Museum of Chennai

Top 5 Museums of Chennai

Termed as the “Health capital of India”, Chennai is the sixth largest city in the country. It was formerly known as Madras and is considered one of the major cities during the British Raj in India. Chennai is rich in cultural heritage and the art and architecture of the place …

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Radisson Blu Resort

Top 10 Resorts in Mahabalipuram

A historic town dating back to almost 4th century B.C., Mahabalipuram, located in the colourful state of Tamil Nadu is a destination that is naturally as beautifully rich as its history is. Also, known as Mamallapuram, the sculptures and carvings from this ancient town and renowned around the world. A …

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Sterling Hotels Valley View

Top 10 Resorts In Kodaikanal

A lovely hill station located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is also known as the “The Gift of the Forest”. A cherished holiday destination for Indians, Kodaikanal has been a favourite vacation spot since time immemorial. Ideal for relaxing amidst the high peaks of Palani Hills, in …

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Auroville

The city of dawn wishes to sow the thread of unity into the fabric of society. The founder of the community was affectionately called Mother. She was the disciple of Sri Aurobindo and modeled the town as per his ideals. The town promotes the idea of equality where there are …

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