Top 5 Resorts in Virar

Although Mumbai has some ultimate delights to offer within its city limits, the surrounding areas of the metropolitan has a lot more to be discovered. Virar might just be a railway station in your outright opinion, but when you get to exploring, there are some really great weekend resorts in Virar to help you make an easy getaway from the bustling city of Mumbai or Thane. With lush mountains and a seaside resort to keep you company, you’d have the best weekend of your life in Virar. Here are some great weekend getaway resorts in the back of the beautiful Virar.

1. Greenhill Resort

Greenhill Resort
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Nestled comfortably in the backdrop of the Pelhar hills, Greenhill Resort is bountiful in terms of natural surrounding and activities. With trekking opportunities, just as well as those of relaxing, there is a lot to enjoy at Greenhill Resort. Standard rooms, suites, a pool, trekking, hiking and indoor and outdoor games are all inculcated fairly well at this beautiful resort, and young guests are certain to enjoy their stay to the fullest. Families and/or associates also are guaranteed to have a good time based on the fact that there are ample spaces available for various activities, be it fun or business. Situated well off the beaten track on the Western side of Maharashtra, Greenhill Resort offers an amazing weekend for its guests, enough to make you want to pull out your next booking or even extend your current stay.

2. Patil Resort

Patil Resort
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Virar’s very own tranquil beach that is Arnal Beach is home to a few beach resorts in its vicinity. This includes Patil Resort, which offers various amenities like standard and luxury rooms, a pool, party spaces, conference halls and restaurants that serve authentic Maharashtrian and Konkani food to its guests. Outdoor and Indoor games facility for adults as well as kids along with a children’s play area makes Patil Resort an appealing one for families at best. Most groups of friends enjoy a grand time at this resort as it offers spaces for fun of big and small groups alike.

3. Kshitij Resort

Kshitij Resort
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Another one of Virar’s weekend retreat marvels is the pretty and quaint Kshitij Resort, which offers special service in its restaurants for the vegetarian guests. With the certainty of providing authentic and delicious Konkan style food, Kshitij Resort is one of the favourites of the dwellers of Mumbai and around when it comes to weekend holidays. It is just as modern and equipped as it is natural and serene. There is a nearby Emu farm where guests are escorted to observe a plainly fun time with their family and friends. Budget rooms, children’s playground, luxury rooms as well as a pool to spend some quality time with friends at, Kshitij Resort gives a lot in a fair price and accommodation.

4. Nandanvan Resort

Nandanvan Resort
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Banquet halls, conference rooms, luxury suites, children’s playground, standard budget rooms, and a sprawling resort surrounded by lavish green hills and dense forest regions, Nandanvan Resort lives up to all your weekend getaway expectations. The resort boasts of being an absolutely serene environment and promises to take away the stress that people build up during hectic weeks in their lives. Spaces for kids to frolic in the adventurous water resort are a great attraction for families. Nandanvan Resort also promises to be a very useful place for social gatherings and business conferences in its confines.

5. Anand Resort

Anand Resort
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Nothing but paradise for beach lovers, Anand Resort offers great opportunities for an adventurous yet relaxing getaway. When you’re craving a holiday on the beachside, a retreat on one of Virar’s sleepy and quiet beaches makes Anand Resort a rather adored one for the locals of Mumbai and Thane. Lush gardens, water park facilities, candy stalls, silent relaxation places, poolside resting places and what not, you can guarantee yourself to have the best time at Anand Resort. This resplendent beach resort is located on the Arnal Beach, about 10 kms away from Vasai.

With all of these ideal getaways located right in Virar, why wouldn’t you plan such an appealing treat while in Maharashtra, that comes easy on your wallet? The aforementioned resorts are sure to turn your mundane weekend into a positively indulgent and exciting one.

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