Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok

Tsomgo Lake, which the local population consider sacred, is located at 12400 feet altitude. It is 40 kms from Gangtok. It ranks amongst the most picturesque landscapes in the state of Sikkim. The snow that melts from the surrounding mountains is the source of water for the lake. Tsomgo means ‘source of the lake’ in Bhutia language. The lake is also called Changu Lake. Oval in shape, the lake is 1 km long and 15 meters deep. On the lakeside, you will find a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Photo by shankar s., CC BY 2.0 

The lake is home to migratory birds. You will find brahminy ducks and red Panda here.During winter and extending up to middle of May, the lake remains frozen. If you visit the lake between the months of May and August, you will find a wide range of blooming flowers including rhododendrons, irises, poppies in blue and yellow colors and primulas.

Since the lake is situated in the restricted area, inner line permit has to be obtained to visit the place. You have the facility to ride on yak on the snow-covered path. If you are up to it, reach for the top to have spectacular views of the surroundings. The sight of the majestic Himalayan peaks from here is mesmerizing. So are the valleys when viewed from atop. However, if the snowfall is heavy, your trek to the top can get tougher.  The view of sunrise from here is a sight not to be missed.

It is said that in the past, the Lamas studied the color of the lake’s waters to predict the future. It was believed that dark tinge color suggested a testing year with unrest and trouble all over the state.
Visit Tsomgo Lake between March and May and between October and middle of December so that you can enjoy its limitless beauty.

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