Tashi View Point, Gangtok

Tashi view point is located 4 kms from the city. Tashi Namgyal, the Sikkim king, built this view point, which offers spectacular views of Mount Khangchendzonga and few other famous snow-clad mountain peaks. The view of Gangtok valley is amazing. The famous Phodong and Labrang monasteries situated on the hills opposite this view point can be seen from here.

Tashi view point has a shed to rest. The park here is a treat to your eyes and the hot food offered in the cafeteria whets your appetite. The art shop in the view point sells items that bear the influence of the local style. If you are looking to add to your collections of art works, you can hope for some pleasant surprise here.

Visit Tashi view point in early morning to enjoy the amazing views. The clear skies present a perfect picture, which would mesmerize you. Since the facilities available here enable you to eat and rest, you would sure want to relax here to enjoy nature at its best. Your visits to Ganesh Tok view point and Tashi view point can be clubbed together as it is convenient to tour both the places on the same day.

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