Top 5 Resorts in Uttan

The coastal town of Uttan in the northern part of Mumbai might be unseen because of how immensely attractive Mumbai is in itself, but there are a few features that come with Uttan that promise the ideal weekend. Uttan is home to some delicate and interesting resorts that are sure to keep you entertained and comforted during your stay. With Mumbai’s bustling and loud lifestyle that can sometimes give you a headache, Uttan offers a truly tranquil background, which won’t disappoint you when it comes to making you forget all your troubles and worries. So here are the top 5 amazing resorts in Uttan for a relaxing time with your friends or family.

1. Golden Toff Resort

Golden Toff Resort
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Serenity can be attained while at Golden Toff Resort in Uttan, for it offers such a peaceful atmosphere that you’d be wise to choose the most famous resort of Uttan for your stay. As a weekend retreat, Golden Toff Resort tops all and can provide a truly magical atmosphere for your trip to Uttan. Come along with your group of friends, family, or your significant other, even alone for that matter, and you can guarantee yourself to have the best time in Uttan on a weekend staying at Golden Toff Resort. The view from the rooms is ideal enough in itself, but you also get an unbelievably gorgeous interior in this resort, which will surely make you want to visit again.

2. La Shimmer Resort

La Shimmer Resort
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Facilities of modern kind, equipment that will be perfectly apt for all guests and beach view deluxe and standard suites are what awaits you at La Shimmer Resort in Uttan. Conference hall, banquet rooms, indoor and outdoor games, children’s playground, a swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, beach view and garden view rooms, along with a contemporary décor that can’t be ignored when you step in, La Shimmer goes all the way and more in ensuring that its guests have a wonderful time during their stay in the resort on a trip to Uttan. Many of the tourist attractions of Uttan are located very close to La Shimmer resort, which makes a tourist’s job easier and more fun.

3. Pali Beach Resort

Pali Beach Resort
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With the beach, just a step away from your room, the Pali Beach Resort in Uttan prides itself on being an immensely attractive beach resort of Mumbai. Not only can you see an incredible view from your window, there is also a vast swimming pool for you to jump in and have the time of your life with friends and family. Private suites with balconies and beach view, delectable Indian and Chinese cuisine, picnic spaces and more are the appealing features of Pali Beach Resorts. As one of the most luxurious resorts of Uttan, Pali Beach Resort prepares a perfect environment for you and your companions.

4. C Cube Resorts

C Cube Resorts
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The tropical beauty of Uttan can be observed and enjoyed through the windows of the comfortable and cosy rooms of C Cube Resorts, one of the most popular resorts in Uttan. C Cube Resort aims to have a completely eco-friendly atmosphere and it also hopes to keep its guests satisfied when it comes to a relaxing few moments. The polite people of Uttan are the ones who have built this pretty resort, which will make you feel like you are a part of their community. With the Kolis of Uttan giving you neighbouring goals for life, there is nothing you wouldn’t appreciate during your stay at C Cube Resort in Uttan.

5. The Silverador Resort

The Silverador Resort
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Fancy features and modern facilities that will make guests feel like they are in the most hospitable of places, The Silverador Resort is one of the most adored resorts of Uttan and Mumbai. Located a little outside of Uttan and closer to Mumbai, The Silverador Resort is surrounded by the prettiest of beaches near Mumbai and in Uttan or Gorai. The beaches of Uttan Virgin Beach, and Gorai Beach are situated right beside The Silverador Resort, which gives a mesmeric view from the windows of the standard, luxury and low-budget rooms that are available to suit the requirements of nearly every guest there.

If Uttan wasn’t on your weekend getaway list, it surely would be after you’ve got a glimpse of these comfortable resorts in the small town where you are certain to lose all your worries and have a truly rejuvenating time, no matter how much you indulge in while there.

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