Top 10 Resorts in Thane

An ancient city that goes back to 1078 A.D., Thane is a lively hub of today’s India. Located in the district Thane in the state of Maharashtra, this city has a rich history associated with it and sights set to mesmerize you. A popular tourist destination, Thane is a place where one can glimpse the colourful lifestyle of India’s cities as well as the charm of the rich culture and heritage that is still in people’s hearts. Listed here are top ten resorts in Thane that will make your holiday thrilling and relaxing at the same time.

1. Greenarth Lakeview Resort

Greenarth Lakeview Resort
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One of the best stays in Thane is offered by the Greenarth Lakeview Resort. Magically lit corridors, well-manicured gardens, cozy rooms and all the modern services are offered at this resort. Overlooking the lake, the view from the resort is perfect and soothing. Providing an idyllic atmosphere to spend some quality time with your family and friends, this resort offers a perfect location to take a break.

2. Wild Camp Resort

Wild Camp Resort
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Simple yet stunning, the Wild Camp resort in Thane provides all the modern facilities in an affordable range. Comfortable rooms, delicious cuisine at the restaurant, a wonderful swim at the pool, everything is at your disposal at this resort. Fun activities like camp fire, night safari etc. are also offered here. An ideal site to mingle with nature and forget about all your worried for a while.

3. Rohan Water Park & Holiday Resort

Rohan Water Park & Holiday Resort
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One of the best budget resorts in Thane is the Rohan Water Park & Holiday Resort that offers exciting fun at the water park as well as lets you enjoy the calm of the holiday. A weekend getaway just 2 hours from the metropolitan city, Mumbai, the resort provides opportunity to undertake activities like kayaking, water rides etc. A beloved spot of the kids, rain dance, various water slides are available that will make children enjoy their holiday up to the brim.

4. United-21

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Only one of its kind, the United-21 resort in Thane offers facilities unlike any other. A discotheque, wellness zone, business halls, spa etc. are some of the amenities offered here. The rooms are luxurious and cozy and restaurant serves delicious food at all times that you can pair with your favourite beverage. Orbits, the discotheque lets you groove to the latest music and the wellness zone lets you do your favourite workout, be it yoga or aerobics.

5. Fortune Park Lake City

Fortune Park Lake City
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The Fortune hotel chain also has a splendid property to their name in Thane. The Fortune Park Lake City is an ideal business hotel in Thane. Replete with all the modern and hi-end facilities, this resort lets the business travellers enjoy their stay while working in a calm environment. Swimming pool, restaurant equipped with bar, conference halls and various relaxing activities make this a perfect location for a holiday.

6. Tip Top Plaza

Tip Top Plaza
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Situated in the heart of Thane is the resort Tip Top Plaza. Beautiful wedding halls, spacious conference halls and royal rooms are available at this resort. The site is nicely decorated and well lit. The spaces imbue a calm sense into you helping you have a tranquil time during your stay. Scrumptious and traditional cuisine is offered in a majestic manner, along with various amenities making your holiday perfect.

7. The Byke Suraj Plaza

The Byke Suraj Plaza
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Lavish and majestic, the Byke Suraj Plaza is a resort styled in the most modern way. Pleasing to the eye, the decor is splendid, tasteful and minimalistic. The view from all the rooms are wonderful and overlook the busy and colourful city life. Equipped with all the amenities, this resort will make you feel at home.

8. Kelwa Beach Resort

Kelwa Beach Resort
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Snuggled in the thick forests, away from the cobwebs of the city life, Kelwa Beach Resort is a chance to get intimate with nature. Surrounded by coconut, mango and palm trees, this eco-friendly resort provides such a meditative environment that you will feel soothed just being there. Different varieties of accommodation are at your disposal here along with magnificent modern facilities that you can enjoy.

9. Chakrika Lodging

Chakrika Lodging
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A simple budget hotel, Chakrika Lodging is a site that is located in the heart of the city. Wi-fi, TV, luggage storage are the facilities offered here. Just 15 kilometres from Borivali National Park, this lovely little resort serves authentic local cuisine and provides a comfortable stay.

10. Hotel Satkar Residency

Hotel Satkar Residency
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Let go of yourself and bathe in the luxuriousness of Hotel Satkar Residency. Renowned for the plush stay and delicious cuisine, this resort offers a variety of options for its visitors. Fantastically decorated, his resort provides one of the best comforts in Thane. Equipped with all the modern amenities, Hotel Satkar Residency offers you a well-deserved break from the routine life.

Ten of the best resorts in Thane will rejuvenate and liven up your holiday experience.

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