10 Picturesque Resorts in Panvel

Panvel is a small yet beautiful town in the state of Maharashtra that is slowly becoming an important urban and tourist hub. Due to its close proximity to Mumbai, the little known town has been flocking with both migrants and tourists to get a taste of its pleasant air. The town is home to a large number of industrial and cultural centers. The spark of this lively town is kept alive through numerous recreational places in and around it. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is one such place that fills your sights with vibrancy and your ears with melody as soon as you step into the premises. Lying within this symphony for the senses is the Karnala fort, a majestic edifice that makes for a lovely trekking and hiking experience.

In the midst of all this activity lie some relaxing resorts that would relieve all your worries and provide aesthetic enjoyment at the same time. Achieve some solitude in these incredible resorts in the quaint town of Panvel.

1. Panoramic Resort

Panoramic Resort
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As the name suggests, the Panoramic Resort is built on a huge property of sprawling lawns and warm hospitality. It serves as the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself, as it not only offers cozy rooms but also has a full-fledged water park incorporated into its boundaries. The water park is a state of the art facility that the resort provides, with magnanimous slides and other rides. So, let down your hair and enjoy a memorable rain dance with your loved ones at this resort!

2. Aayush Resort

Aayush Resort
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Built in the form of a palace from Rajasthan, the Aayush resort is a splendid place to spend your vacations. Giving off a vibe of royalty, the resort’s historic charms and the splendors are sure to leave you spell bound. The resort pays a special focus on the well-being of their visitors, providing a number of health treatments in their health center. However, instead of any treatment, the green lawns and clean air that you would get on your visit here is enough to cleanse your body and mind.

3. Atasa Resort

Atasa Resort
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An uplifting and lively resort, the Atasa Resort is one that is built to celebrate life. In the lap of the comforting nature, the resort enhances your everyday life by fueling excitement and relaxation into its core. You can dance away to glory at their discotheque at night and wake up to a morning of calming swims and therapeutic spa treatments. Best known for its hospitality, the resort also provides indoor games to its guests such as pool, table tennis and even indoor golf!

4. K Star Woods Resort

K Star Woods Resort
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Situated nearby to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, the K Star Woods Resort is the ultimate holiday getaway for anyone looking to escape their busy work routine. The rejuvenating spa massages and a steamy sauna bath will squeeze out every bit of tension from your body. Once you have been pampered satisfactorily, head on over to their multi-cuisine restaurant and gorge on delectable delicacies. The resort also has a crystal blue swimming pool where you can enjoy a hearty swim.

5. Jashan Farms

Jashan Farms
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The humble abode of vibrant lawns and spacious rooms, Jashan Farms enjoys a surreal location in Panvel. Flanked by glorious mountains, the rich wilderness of the hills make Jashan Farms an ideal resort to visit for your nature loving soul. The resort has a play area and manicured gardens for the kids to distract them away from their gadgets. The delicious food that is prepared in the kitchens of Jashan Farms will be enough to bring you back to its captivating grip on your next trip.

6. Shalom Resort

Shalom Resort
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Overlooking the mammoth Karnala fort, the Shalom Resort in Panvel is a relaxing resort that offers the very best of facilities to its guests. The staff is friendly, the rooms are commodious and the resort is adorned by green trees and lawns all around. The whiteness of the building almost symbolizes the tranquility that you experience in your stay here. Be sure to enjoy some hours of solitude in the blue waters of the swimming pool.

7. Zaid Farm

An expansive estate of natural beauty combined with the luxuries of modern life, the Zaid Farms are a great place to stay in Panvel. Taking you back to your rustic roots, the Zaid Farm offer huge parks in which you can set camp and enjoy some magical moments. The resort offers tents and camping facilities for you to truly feel close to nature while you slumber in your cozy make-shift rooms.

8. Monteria Resort

Monteria Resort
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The Monteria Resort is a gorgeous piece of art that is made to satisfy your every need. Be it their vast lawns, the spacious rooms or even a mini water/amusement park, the place is a treasure chest for all the perks a resort can give you. The mouthwatering food and the spick and span dining hall will leave you hungry for more. Live your life to the fullest at their adventure and water parks that is fun for both kids and their parents alike.

9. Shantsheel Resort

Shantsheel Resort
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The Shantsheel Resort is a rejoicing haven for all the city dwellers. Enter the gates of this paradise and be greeted by greenery, luxury and cordial smiles by the staff. The resort is surrounded by lovely palm trees that make you feel as if you are sojourning in the sea breeze of a beach resort. The swimming pool aids this pleasant feeling and its clarity tempts you to dip into waters. With red roofed cottages and spacious corridors, your stay at this resort will be one of liveliness and pleasure.

10. Shrushti Farm

Shrushti Farm
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Located a few hours away from Panvel, Shrushti Farm is well worth the drive. Decked with huge trees all over and an all-encompassing vibe of serenity, the resort is a favorite among travelers. An adventurous water park awaits your arrival to send you sashaying across its spiral slides. Enjoy lazy afternoons sipping hot tea on its clean lawns and return to your comfortable rooms for a peaceful night of slumber. Shrushti Farm is a complete package of leisure, luxury and hospitality for anyone planning a visit to Panvel.

When visiting, this striking town, be sure to let any of these resorts satisfy your whims and fancies. You are sure to be enchanted by the comfortable stay they provide to all their guests.

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