Top 10 Resorts in Bandipur

Located amidst India’s rich flora and fauna, Bandipur is an incredible treat for nature lovers. This well-known destination is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and has been an abode for tigers. It is a great amalgamation of adventure and serenity that you can enjoy both in the amazing Wordsworthian appeal of this place. Here one can explore the Bandipur National Park or try trekking and cycling in the beautiful natural ambience of Bandipur. Being an exotic destination, there are a wide range of resorts availing a blissful retreat in nature and if you are bit confused on which of the resorts are best here, then read on to find the top ten resorts in the stunning location of Bandipur.

1. Dhole’s Den Resort

Dhole’s Den Resort
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Dhole’s Den Resort is named after the extinct Dhole Dogs and is set in an amazing eco-friendly ambience. This place has a jogging trail, meditation room, and also offers packages of safari, jeep drives and nature trails in the Bandipur National Park. With these plenty of amenities, the resort has been the most sought after retreat in Bandipur especially for its lush surroundings.

2. Cicada Bandipur

Cicada Bandipur is known for its neatness and the variety of food cuisines offered here. The resort has beautifully designed tents with a touch of cleanliness and many expeditions for exploring the Bandipur reserve are also availed to make your journey both adventurous and relaxing.

3. Ambuja Farms Resort

Ambuja Farms Resort
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Ambuja Farms Resort is quite close to the Bandipur National Park and provides with an environment of serenity and a pure retreat in nature. Further, the location is in very proximity to the jungle that you can even find peacocks and deer in the premises. So, if you want to wake up with sweet chirping and spend an entire vacation amidst nature then this is the best place to opt for.

4. Tiger Ranch Resort

Tiger Ranch Resort
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Tiger Ranch Resort is a haven with cottages and café built of bamboo and has a perfect natural appeal to it. Along with the safari, elephant riding and trekking journeys, the staff here also organizes a campfire in the evening to give you an ideal getaway from a tiring day and the restaurant here also offers food in multiple cuisines options, thus this resort is also a great choice to go for.

5. Vana Vihar

Vana Vihar
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Vana Vihar can be called a blend of calming green environment and wonderfully luxurious services. With its cottages placed rightly in the natural surroundings, this resort is situated flanked by Mudumali and Bandipur National Parks so that the tourists are assured with these two retreats which are just nearby to the place they are checking in. What’s more tempting are the indoor games for kids, a souvenir shop with a theme of nature and a film screening organized by the management here.

6. The Serai Bandipur

The Serai Bandipur
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The Serai Bandipur has an exotic quality of the picturesque Nilgiri Mountain View from its pleasingly designed rooms. The resort has an international popularity among the tourists with its brilliant interiors and the most proximity to the Bandipur National Park. The best part here is the Omã Spa, a library, a souvenir shop and a stunning pool with the blissful view of Nilgiris.

7. Bandipur Safari Lodge

Bandipur Safari Lodge
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Bandipur Safari Lodge is known for its ecological aura and the pristine form of wildlife it appeals you with. Further, there are numerous activities organized from jungles safaris to nature trails and the adventure sports like, kayaking, mountain biking, water rafting, snorkeling and many others is what attracts adventure lovers to this place.

8. Windflower Tusker Trails

Windflower Tusker Trails
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Windflower Tusker Trails provides you with an ideal escape from today’s technologies by having no internet connection and television sets here. The resort has threefold category: a suite, a villa and a studio where your stay is maintained close to Bandipur’s lush wilds and away from any diversions. An auxiliary spa, plenty of activities both indoors and outdoors plus treks in the jungles are the main things this resort is popular for.

9. Deep Jungle Home

Deep Jungle Home
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Deep Jungle Home is a retreat completely in the center of the jungle. The rooms are well-maintained and well-ventilated and there are tons of facilities to enjoy from Kayaking to games for kids and there are also conference rooms if you are going on a company team trip.

10. Bush Betta Wildlife Resort

Bush Betta Wildlife Resort
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An elegantly built resort, Bush Betta is one of the deluxe retreats in Bandipur. The rooms are built of bamboo and wood giving them a dazzling aesthetic appeal. There is a restaurant cum bar, a pool and tons of outdoor activities to take part in here.

Thus, these top-listed resorts of Bandipur are a thumbs-up for anyone looking to escape from their daily busy lives. These getaways not only give you a time to ponder in nature but let you explore your innate daredevil through the adventure that these havens offer. So, next time you are going to explore Bandipur, don’t forget to add these retreats in your list, happy journey!

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