The Best Time to Visit Goa

Goa India

I’m sure Goa needs no introduction to you all-it’s the unofficial Party Capital of our Great India. While a Goa trip will be refreshing all the year round, what with the ever-present beach vibes, lovely nightlife and amazing global-destination feel of the place, it never hurt anyone to plan ahead a holiday and make the best of it henceforth. While most tourists throng to Goa till January circa October, if you want beauty at its finest, June-September is a better bet.

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8 Amazing Waterfalls in Goa

When you mention Goa, people visualize the vast and incredible beaches. But Goa is more than these pristine beaches and sea. It is also blessed with varied landscape as it is situated in Sahayadri hills. There are many small and big hills in Goa, from where streams, springs and beautiful waterfalls emerge. There aren’t too many waterfalls in Goa, but all of them are worth visiting. Surrounded by greenery, rocks and sanctuaries, these waterfalls offer another side to Goa, making it an all-rounder in terms of tourism.

Here are the 8 most popular and most spectacular waterfalls in Goa that will make you swoon and gawk with amazement.

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7 Popular Forts in Goa

One of the most popular tourist spots in India and one of the most famous Indian states in the world, Goa is a great place to refresh yourself amidst the beauty of nature. Though Goa is more associated with its beaches, it also has a varied landscape with hills, waterfalls, and more. You will also find magnificent temples and churches in Goa, which are worth visiting for they were built hundreds of years ago. Another facet of Goa worth exploring is the presence of alluring forts. Mostly built by Mughals and Portuguese, these forts are great symbols of our historical heritage.

Below is a list of 7 magnificent forts in Goa that are must-visit owing to its history, architecture and landscape.

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7 Most Famous Temples in Goa

When you think about Goa, the things that usually come to mind are beautiful beaches, blue water till your eyes can see, amazing parties and concerts. Goa is so much more than that, filled with immense amount of history and culture that is sure to overwhelm you. With such a rich history and an assimilation of so many foreign cultures and religions, you are sure to find many nice combinations of various activities such as prayer and various festivals. Those who are religiously inclined should take out some time to visit these beautiful temples that are true testaments to the rich cultural and beautiful religious history of Goa.

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Top 5 Picnic Spots in Goa

Not able to concentrate anymore on your work? Fed up with your daily chores? Kids complaining that you’ve turned fretful? Well, perhaps the time has come to take a break and go out for a picnic with your family. From enjoying some adventurous activities to shopping or simply relaxing at the beaches, sunbathing and relishing the stunning nature, there is a lot to offer by Goa! Here is a list of 5 picnic spots that you can totally relax at over the coming weekend.

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Top 20 Resorts In and Around Goa

The land of sea, sun and sand, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. This mini Portugal sees tourists throng from all over the world as it boasts of the boisterous sea, shimmering sand shores, amazing weather, delectable cuisine and unforgettable hospitality. What’s more? The enigmatic pubs and discotheques with live ambient music and the happening night life boasts to give one of the best experiences to party animals. This sun kissed place is also home to a number of charming churches.

Goa has a plethora of resorts and hotels and one is spoilt for choice. Here is an attempt to list out the twenty best ones so that the next time you’re there, you can make an easy decision:

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Vasco

Being a major Base for the Indian Navy, Vasco Da Gama is one of the most important city of Goa. Getting its name from the Portuguese pioneer ‘Vasco Da Gama’ the city is also known as Vasco. Being under the Portuguese governance till 1961, the city came into existence in 1543. Situated on the peninsular tip of the River Zuari it has not become a critical shipping centre. Vasco da Gama shows the busier side of Goa and is not laid back like other Goan cities. Except from being a busy port on the western coastal line of India it also an important trading centres as more than 30% of the exports of ores leave from this port. It is one of the few natural harbours that prevail in the country. Since it was under the Portuguese rule for a long time it is influenced by the Portuguese architecture. With narrow lanes and that run parallel and connect to each other the city is an example of well-built yet a simplistic city. Here is a list of top 5 places to visit in Vasco:

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Margao (Madgaon)

Madgaon or Margao, as it commonly known is the cultural hub and the commercial capital of Goa. The city quietly rests at the banks of River Sal and is known to be one of the oldest settlements in Goa. Before the invasion of the Portuguese Margao was a Matha gram, a land with nine monastic endowments of the Hindus. The first site of colonization in Margao was around the ancient temple of Shiva in the form of Lord Damodar. The temple was then demolished and now a church stands on the very site of the temple. The urbanization of the city took place because of the dependence of the nearby villages and towns and hence the current market came into existence. The town hence derives its name by the locals calling it Maud-gao or the market city of Goa. The top five places to visit in Margao are as follows.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Goa

On your first visit to Goa, you may be awe-struck by the fact that such a small area of land could have so many tourist attractions to offer. The tourist destinations defy the size of Goa making the place a heaven for tourists from all parts of the world. With over 50 beaches, each beautiful in its own way, you are sure to have your cameras busy as you unwind. However, Goa stretches beyond its beaches in offering other interesting tourist spots. The land with a rich past has many architectural wonders apart from the natural sceneries. It has ancient forts and places of worship belonging to various faiths. You can engage yourself in various activities including water sports. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Goa, which you cannot afford to miss on your tour.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Mapusa

Travelling north from Panaji for about 13 km, Mapusa is a commercialized town of Goa. The town of Mapusa is congregated around Mount Alto. The city gets its name from the Konkani word ‘map’ which means to measure and a suffix ‘sa’ which is a phase fill up is added to the name. The place is often referred to as ‘Mhapsa’. Being in close vicinity from the beaches of north Goa, Mapusa is major transit centre for the people travelling to and from north Goa. Though the town is a well civilized area and is well-known for its Friday Market. Mapusa is a typical Portuguese style architectural setting and it is reflected in the form of historical monuments and forts. Enlisted here are top 5 places that are a must visit when in Mapusa.

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