Top 7 Beaches in Daman & Diu

Many tourists are seen to flock to Goa for spending a weekend. But, if you are looking to spend quieter times with you friends or family, we suggest you visit the beaches of Daman and Diu. They have their own special attractions. Read through this article to know more.

1. Chakratirth Beach

The Chakratirtha Beach is famous for its serene atmosphere and pristine surroundings. The area has a Shiv temple that dates back years ago and tourists who visit this beach make it a point to pay a visit. The surrounding locality of the beach is also a good place to take a walk in. the beach is well connected by both roads and railways. A long drive during the weekend can be the best plan. The adventure lovers can avail the water sports which include parasailing, speed boats and jet skiing. Do not forget to pack your swimsuit and explore the sea.

2. Devka Beach

Devka Beach
Photo by Ameyawiki, CC BY-SA 4.0

All tourists travelling to Daman & Diu make it a point to visit the Devka beach. It is popular for the scenic beauty and the clear waters make it extremely safe for people to swim. You can have a gala time as there is an amusement park. It is full of fun and frolic. The kids in the group can enjoy in the playing area while you can spend time with your family sitting by the well maintained fountains. The Mirasol Lake garden and the St. Jerome Fort are nearby attractions which you can also explore.

3. Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach
Photo by Suneethkrishna, CC BY-SA 3.0

Probably the best place where you can enjoy a relaxed holiday. If you do not like to do much but just spend some time amidst Mother Nature, then we suggest you definitely visit the Jampore beach. The sea water is a little blackish in here. Also, the ideal time to swim is during the low tide. The picturesque view from the beach and the cool breeze make this beach extra special. You can even plan a little picnic while you enjoy the sunset in the crimson sky. There are options of riding a camel or a horse.

4. Jallandhar Beach

If you want to visit a place that will provide you with the best break from the city life, this is the place. Jallandhar Beach is a perfect getaway from the bustling crowd from your city and is comparatively low on pollution and dirt. A lot of tourists are unaware about the existence of this place, but if you are planning a trip to Daman & Diu, keep this one on the top of your lists.

5. Gopimata Beach

Solitude and calm are the two words that are apt to describe the Gopimata beach in Diu. The place looks exotic with palm trees slightly swaying to the rhythmic breeze of nature. This place is not very crowded and thus, makes it a quick attraction for couples. Walking hand in hand with your loved one along the beach is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Book a nearby hotel and spend a quite weekend in the close proximity of nature.

6. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach
Photo by bijapuri ( Ed Sentner ), CC BY-SA 2.0

Nagoa Beach has a rustic vibe and the clean waters with sparkling white sand make it a tourist attraction in Diu. It is located down south of Diu and has endless options for you to explore. There are water sports, horseback riding, pony rides, etc. if you are looking for a simpler option, dive deep into the crystal clear water. Also, if you are looking for that perfect tan, here is the chance. The only downside of visiting this beach is the transportation. There are scheduled bus rides and if you wish to return on the same day keep a track of time and leave beforehand.

7. Ghogla Beach

Escape the monotony and complexity of daily life by getting to relax in a less-crowded beach. The Ghogla beach is located on the outer parts of the city. You can completely forget about all your worries and simply calm your inner self by exploring the natural beauty of this place. Travelling to this beach is also very convenient owing to the transport services. So, make sure to witness its beauty if you happen to be in Daman & Diu.

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