Top 5 Resorts in Diu

Diu is one of the pristine destinations in India with its stunning beaches and the Portuguese legacy left by the early colonizers. It has many attractions to offer from the dazzling Nagoa beach to the artistically mastered Churches, this place is surely a hidden jewel amongst the other popular tourist places of India. There are outdoor sports available at beaches for adventure and if you are a history or archaeology lover you can visit the churches here that have been brilliantly built.

So, let us take a look at the resorts located in Diu that make your journey at this place more special by offering you with activities that will rejuvenate your travels here.

1. Radhika Beach Resort

Radhika Beach Resort
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One of the most popular retreats in Diu, Radhika Beach Resort is a luxurious option to consider as this retreat has an amazing Arabian Sea view for your rooms, a gym, a pool, a garden and a play room for indoor games to guarantee you with a superbly soothing vacation here. Further, a seafood restaurant serving the well-known seafood dishes of Diu is open 24/7 with the most delectable delicacies so you don’t forget to savor Diu in your endeavors here while having a relaxing time in this resort.

2. Hotel Palms

Hotel Palms
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Hotel Palms is located near the Nagoa beach and is a beautiful haven with attractive rooms cum cottages and a great aura of trees all around the retreat. This resort has a spa for massages and refreshing treatments, a bar for parties and a restaurant for visitors with a wide range of cuisines available. The best part of the stay here is that this resort is quite economical with a blend of abundant and satisfying services offered.

3. Hotel Kohinoor

Hotel Kohinoor
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Hotel Kohinoor is another top-class retreat in Diu for a calming getaway. There is a pool, a restaurant, a fitness room plus sightseeing packages are also given by the hotel to explore Diu attractions. This place is designed with the Portuguese style of architecture and hence has a modish feel to it. Moreover, if you are journeying with family, the resort has several fun water games at its own splendid water park and these water sports are a must to try for kids as they are quite safe and away from the beach adventures in Diu.

4. Sugati Beach Resort

Sugati Beach Resort
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Sugati Beach Resort is at walking distance from the Ghoghla beach and that’s why it is a majorly known resort in Diu. The rooms are elegantly designed with a stunning view of the beach thus giving them a dazzling chic appeal. Also, the location is very spacious, the served food is mouth-watering and room service has also been top rated by the tourists. It is a best option for those looking for sea-view rooms in Diu and want proximity to the beach locations in Diu so that the resorts can be easy to reach after a tiring day of travelling or adventuring at the beach.

5. Krishna Park Resort

Krishna Park Resort
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Krishna Park Resort is a place situated in a greener setting with a beachfront and is a fantastic place to stay in Diu. Further, there is a pool and bar for recreation and the resort also organizes various children and family sports for entertainment. The USP of Krishna Park Resort is that it is situated away from the main beaches of the city and in this way, provides you with a restful vacation with its own beachfront to relax at and the serene surroundings are quite harmonizing if you are looking for a day or two for a refreshing getaway.

Thus, these top resorts of Diu are a splendid treat in themselves and planning your vacation here is a great alternative for setting apart some personal time for yourself. You can also go out and explore the striking beaches and gorgeous Churches in Diu that have been the foremost attraction to this site but what makes these resorts even more enticing is the escape they offer you with to spend some time close to yourself away from the packed beaches of dazzling Diu.

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