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Silver Sands Beach Resort

Top 10 Resorts in Daman

5.8Kshares Chanced upon by Diogo de Melohe in the 16th century, the quaint region of Daman was home to the Portuguese for over 4 centuries till it became a part of the independent India in 1961. Still retaining the air of the colonial era, the city is sprawling with wonderful …

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Krishna Park Resort

Top 5 Resorts in Diu

4.9Kshares Diu is one of the pristine destinations in India with its stunning beaches and the Portuguese legacy left by the early colonizers. It has many attractions to offer from the dazzling Nagoa beach to the artistically mastered Churches, this place is surely a hidden jewel amongst the other popular …

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Jampore Beach

Top 8 Places To Visit At Daman and Diu

6.1Kshares Ruled by the Portuguese for over 450 years, the union territory of Daman and Diu along with Goa were a part of a single union territory of India. In 1987, Goa gained its statehood leaving Daman and Diu as a single and distinct union territory. The union territory consists …

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