Top 10 Resorts in Jim Corbett National Park

A world famous national park that houses hundreds of exotic animal and plant species, Jim Corbett National Park was established by the British administration in 1936. Situated in the lovely town and hill station, Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand, this national park is the oldest national park in India. The park covers a wide terrain that includes grasslands, lakes, marshes, rugged areas. The park makes for a brilliant vacation with your loved ones. Listed out here are the ten best resorts in the national park that will rejuvenate your stay.

1. Corbett Riverside Resort

Corbett Riverside Resort
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Bathe in the serene air of the Corbett Riverside Resort. Located by the riverside, the soothing ambiance of this resort does a good job of relaxing you and letting you enjoy nature in all its glory. Hear the chirping of birds, gaze into the green depths of the surrounding mountains, wonder as the river dazzles by, all this and more, char yourself at this resort. Comfortable, lush and equipped with all the modern amenities, the resort will make your stay a thrilling one.

2. Jim’s Jungle Retreat

Jim's Jungle Retreat
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An eco-friendly resort set in the depths of the forest, Jim’s Jungle Retreat is one of the best resorts in the region. Located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, these 15 acres stretch of beautiful land offers an unblemished peek into the wilderness of these majestic mountains. Sounds of grazing deer, trumpets of the elephants, calls of jackals and roars of tiger etc. are some of the enchantments to be experienced here. A tranquil time in a cozy room with all the facilities are offered here at this resort.

3. Corbett Tusker Trail

Corbett Tusker Trail
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One of the most luxurious experiences is to be had at the Corbett Tusker Trail Resort in the Jim Corbett National Park. Ideally located, this resort offers a titillating stay with warm service and all the necessary and modern amenities at your disposal. Set amidst dense greenery, the resort is situated close to all the places of interest in the city. Restaurant serving delicious food, swimming pool etc. are some of the perks offered here.

4. The Tiger Groove Corbett Resort

The Tiger Groove Corbett Resort
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Located a mere ten kilometres from the Ramnagar Railway Station, within the comforts of the Jim Corbett National Park, is the lovely Tiger Groove Corbett Resort. Fantastic wood finish, flat screen TVs, coffeemakers etc. are some of the facilities offered here for your comfort. Games are also provided for additional enjoyment along with a swimming pool, spa and safaris.

5. Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort

Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort
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Snuggled in the Himalayan foothills is Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort. Overlooking the grandeur of the Himalayas and encompassed by various exotic and endemic trees, this resort offers you a unique experience of the wildlife in the park. Complimentary breakfasts, buffets, games, spa, safaris etc. are the perks offered by the resort. Free your spirit and let your mind relax at this soothing resort.

6. The Corbett Hideaway

The Corbett Hideaway
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Offbeat, remote and gorgeous: The Corbett Hideaway resort is spread on 8 acres of land in the forest adjacent to a sparkling river. Decorated tastefully, the resort provides a panoramic view of the surrounding Shivalik range and is equipped with all the basic and modern amenities that will ensure that your stay is comfortable and fun-filled. Complimentary breakfast, pool, library, game room, spa and a restaurant are some of the facilities offered here.

7. Pratiksha River Retreat

Pratiksha River Retreat
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Go for an elephant or a jeep safari, fish with your friends and entertain yourself with some folk dance at the Pratiksha River Retreat. An eco-friendly spot that caters to all your needs and desires in a luxurious manner, this resort offers cottages, adventure activities, wonderful cuisine, swimming pool, conference halls, bird watching, sight-seeing, tours etc.

8. Kyari Corbett

Kyari Corbett
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“North India’s best jungle resort” is the beautiful Kyari Corbett resort nestled in nature’s lap. Overlooking the Himalayan mountains, this resort is set amidst the forests and well-manicured lawns. Listen closely to nature at night and wake up amongst the cackle of different insects and birds in the morning. Providing a lavish and one of a kind experience, Kyari Corbett Resort provides a delightful experience to its visitors.

9. Kanwhizz Hum Tum

Kanwhizz Hum Tum
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A luxury resort providing an exciting yet relaxing ambiance, the Kanwhizz Hum Tum resort is located in the lush expanse of the national park. Offering beautiful cottages and suites, delicious cuisine at the restaurant and other perfect facilities, this resort will make your stay completely dazzling.

10. Infinity Resorts

Infinity Resorts
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Get intimate with nature at Infinity Resorts which was established in 1991. With the vision of protecting our rare and exotic wildlife, this resort teaches us the importance of conserving our heritage and culture. Offering one of the best comforts in their pleasant rooms, this resort fulfils your wants and needs with a warm and friendly service.

Just ten of the best resorts in Jim Corbett National Park, these resorts let you get up, close and personal with the wilderness at the foothills of the majestic Himalayan mountains.

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