Top 10 Nature Resorts in Valparai

Coimbatore’s Valparai is an undiscovered and quaint little town that can’t just be overlooked because of Tamil Nadu’s other numerous wonders. Valparai comes with a carpet of green and a breath of fresh air away from the world of noise and bustle of city life. There’s a calming ambience that awaits you wholeheartedly at Valparai so that you make your journey to this town and indulge in the delight of the extensive tea and coffee plantations among other amazing things. But when you look for a place to stay, the following ten resorts of Valparai are going to lure you in pretty easily.

1. Hornbill Castle

Hornbill Castle
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The warm hospitality of Hornbill Castle’s bed and breakfast facilities are to die for. Settled comfortably in one of the dense regions of the Western Ghats, Hornbill Castle offers a perfect getaway if you’re looking for a great service and breakfast in bed that you won’t be able to stop eating. With a neat and picturesque atmosphere to keep you cool and calm, Hornbill Castle is known for how pretty it is and how great the hospitality is at this quaint resort. Stay in the cottages and enjoy a perfect view from your window every morning.

2. Deepika’s Resorts

Deepika’s Resorts
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Verdant tea plantations, lush guava trees, a lagoon to jump right into and a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere to greet you the moment you enter Deepika’s Resorts is what attracts people of Coimbatore to Valparai. You get garden view rooms, and the sight of dense woods to wake you up in the morn, with a generous amount of hospitality to keep you rejuvenated and fresh for the rest of the day. Deepika’s makes you feel like you’re in the lap of nature, breathing in the glorious scents of the bountiful natural perfection of Valparai.

3. Great Mount Coco Lagoon

Great Mount Coco Lagoon
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Well-lit evenings upon Valparai’s rolling hills, tea and coffee estates and a panoramic green landscape stretching far and wide is what you’d see when you arrive at Great Mount Coco Lagoon. Built in colonial style of architecture, Great Mount Coco offers its guests a wonderful retreat in the hands of nature where you’d see nothing but a brilliant stretch of chirpy hills of the Western Ghats and roads that are sure to make your trip adventurous. Hiking and trekking expeditions are undertaken at Great Mount and the resort organizes trips to sight rare animals within the woods of Valparai, which makes it a truly adventurous time for the guests.

4. Greenhill Hotel

Greenhill Hotel
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A lush green landscape that you just won’t be able to take your eyes off is what you’d wake up to if you stayed in one of the rooms of Greenhill Hotel in Valparai. Tucked away on top of a hill of the Western Ghats, Greenhill Hotel is surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations that trace their roots back to the 1800s. The magical and twisting roadways leading up to Greenhill Resort will do everything in their power to entice you to a point of no return, not to mention the perky interiors of this resort that are sure to keep you caught up.

5. Star Tea Estate Bungalow

Star Tea Estate Bungalow
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Melodies of chirping birds, sight of a serene green landscape, waterfalls cascading down your feet and a rejuvenation home like no other, Star Tea Estate Bungalow in Valparai is one of the best accommodations in the town. Here you can have a fresh morning amidst the pretty surrounding outside and a quaint interior greeting you inside. Star Tea Estate Bungalow prides itself on being one of the unique destinations to stay in at Valparai.

6. Whispering Falls

Whispering Falls
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One of the most sought-after resorts in Valparai is Whispering Falls, which goes to great extents in proving how close to nature one can be. This boutique resort blends eco-friendly facilities with modern amenities to suit the requirements of all its guests. You’d see more trees and shrubs around you than walls, and this makes Whispering Falls all the more attractive as it helps you leave the boisterous city behind to sleep in the calming melody of nature.

7. Misty Creek Homestay

Misty Creek Homestay
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Your magical home away from home in Valparai would be Misty Creek Homestay, which comes with such a numinous ambience that you can’t help but be mesmerized. Simple rooms with the view of tea plantations and modern amenities to make your stay comfortable, Misty Creek ensures great hospitality as well for its guests. Many of the naturally beautiful tourist spots of Valparai are pretty close by and with the Homestay resort offering such great service, you’d probably be extending your stay at this picturesque resort of Valparai.

8. Petra Family Guest House

Petra Family Guest House
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Families find a haven at Petra Family Guest House in Valparai, which offers the view and tour of coffee and pepper estates surrounding it’s pretty exterior. A rainforest that is sure to lure you in and entrap you immensely, Petra Family Guest House presents a cosy ambience and gives everything to a family looking for an escape from the loud city life. Petra makes sure that you and your family have the perfect getaway in this pretty resort.

9. Sumangala Bungalow Resort

Sumangala Bungalow Resort
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Multi-cuisine and barbecue restaurants with the view of the perfect landscape of Valparai, Sumangala Bungalow Resort offers an accommodation that comes with a private dining table and modern amenities. Sumangala Bungalow Resort is one of the many picturesque resorts of Valparai that ensure to make you forget all of your worries, as it is also situated far away from the noise and loud city life that you’re willing to escape.

10. Stanmore Garden Bungalow

Stanmore Garden Bungalow
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As part of Briar Tea Bungalows that are built with different and unique themes to attract guests, Stanmore Garden Bungalow is one of the unusual and appealing guest homes in Valparai that has a charm of its own. Wooden cottages and tents giving it an exclusive feel that can’t be matched by any other, Stanmore Garden Bungalow is sure to keep you on your toes.

With a picturesque backdrop of the likes of those in Valparai, a nature retreat is everything you could ever ask for. It’s time to pack up your bags and make a booking at one of these amazing resorts of Valparai for a truly exotic holiday.

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