Top 10 Most Exotic Coastal Resorts In ECR

 The route leading from Chennai to Mahabalipuram is a marvel of sorts, what with its structural design and watery road that makes your car feel like its gliding over velvet. But what if we told you there was more to the Eastern Coastal Road than just a great highway? You wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen it once that ECR is also home to some of the best resorts and beachside cottages that are certain to take your breath away. It won’t be disappointing in the least, and you’d probably be making as many pit stops at these resorts as possible just to see how amazing the sea looks from there. Let’s take a look at the best resorts on ECR.

1. Chariot Beach Resort

Chariot Beach Resort
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One of the most loved beach resorts near Mahabalipuram is the Chariot Beach Resort, which is just as much budget friendly as it is luxurious. The location of the resort is pretty fantastic and will keep you walking through the outdoors as much as possible to take it all in. With the standard rooms and suites available for you to generously take your pick from, you’d have a seaside view of the best kind to ensure an incredible stay for your weekend. With a spa centre providing Ayurvedic therapies, your weekend just got way more relaxing than you intended!

2. MGM Beach Resort

MGM Beach Resort
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Located very close to the tourist attractions of Muttukadu, the MGM Beach Resort has a lot to attract people to it. A beach view and restaurant that is unmissable when it comes to sea lovers, spa and massage amenities, a conference and banquet hall, spaces for yoga and social gatherings along with playground facilities for children as well as adults, MGM Beach Resort would be one of the best choices you’d make as a traveller on ECR.

3. Fisherman’s Cove

Fisherman’s Cove
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Vivanta By Taj brings you Fisherman’s cove, the superlatively indulgent resort that is sure to test your wallet but live up to its name. Taj goes to all extents in proving why the privileged prefer its service to any other. If you wish to splurge a bit on your comfort, Fisherman’s Cove will do exactly that so it can make you want to return for your next trip, which might just come sooner than you think once you’ve been to this fun beach resort. Luxury and relaxation combined with fun and amusement is just the right blend for the guests at Fisherman’s Cove.

4. The Green Coconut Resort

The Green Coconut Resort
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Coconut trees line this beautiful and picturesque resort which is aptly named the Green Coconut Resort, providing ample natural warmth to all the visitors. The resort is friendly on a budget and makes no compromise on the great service it offers. This includes authentic south Indian food, fun at the beach, outdoor and indoor activity spaces and a sprawling pool for the delight of young and old. You’d be rooted to this resort once you’ve paid a single visit.

5. Blue Lagoon Resort

Blue Lagoon Resort
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Cooling artificial waterfalls diving into a pool, cottages and rooms spread across 11 acres of landscape on the beachside with the addition of the best kind of hospitality and service have made Blue Lagoon Resort a pretty popular one near Chennai. The atmosphere is romantic and couples find it quite alluring, but families and groups of friends or colleagues are no strangers to the large spaces provided for gatherings. This beachside resort is everything a fun-lover is looking for.

6. Radisson Blu Temple Bay

Radisson Blu Temple Bay
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If luxury is your cup of tea, this is another lavish resort in ECR that is sure to match up to all your standards and expectations. The 5-star Radisson Blu Temple Bay has everything an extravagant visitor would want. Corporate groups gather at Radisson all too frequently, but it is just as popular among couples, families and friends looking to have an opulent time during their weekend away from the noisy city. With a banquet hall, swimming pool, the mesmeric view of the coast and spa amenities to die for, Radisson is pretty popular for its luxurious treatment of guests.

7. Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort
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It is no namesake that the Ideal Beach Resort has garnered, for it lives right up to its expectations amongst its frequenting guests. Ideal Beach Resort is located closer to Mahabalipuram than Chennai on ECR, and its appealing characteristics include a spacious spa and massage centre, yoga spaces, multi-cuisine restaurants and the likes. With a great view from its suites and cottages, Ideal Beach Resort is truly the most preferred one for travellers going up the ECR.

8. VGP Golden Beach Resort

VGP Golden Beach Resort
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The name of VGP associated to anything near Chennai has a profound reputation, and this includes the VGP Golden Beach Resort, which is considered to be one of the best beach resorts on ECR. The customer experience of VGP has been astutely great, and since it is located in such an undercrowded area, VGP offers quite a silent and pollution-free atmosphere to keep its guests relaxed and comfortable. Luxurious and standard rooms both are easily available and people enjoy the ambience of this resort a lot.

9. Country Club Jade Beach Resort

Country Club Jade Beach Resort
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Spread across a wide landscape right on the shore, Country Club Jade Beach Resort is a premium luxury resort in ECR. With a gym, spa, yoga spaces, a lavish spread of green and palm trees swaying in the distance, the sea waves lapping against this beach resort are enough to steal your heart and compel you to make your next booking almost immediately. Most guests prefer taking an early morning stroll on the beach-side to have an energised day ahead at the resort.

10. Golden Sun Beach Resort

Golden Sun Beach Resort
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Close to Mahabalipuram, Golden Sun Beach Resort is a picturesque beachfront resort that boasts of a supremely beachy time for its guests. Since the coastal route, itself is quite alluring, Golden Sun manages to increase the feeling of being in one of the best seaside locations in South India. Corporate events are most common at this resort, and the family gatherings that take place here also make the resort an even more popular one in ECR.

With these unique and varied resorts scattered all over the Eastern Coastal Road, you’d be giving up on an amazing experience should you miss staying in at least one of them. So, pack up your bags and head over for some cooling time during your next weekend off.

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