Top 5 Places to Visit in Pelling

This magnificent town bags the award of the second biggest tourist destination after the capital of the state, Gangtok. It is a small, yet well-defined and boosts of a rich cultural history, scenic beauty and beautiful monasteries. Sightseeing locations are always busy with international as well as Indian tourists.

Pelling is located at an elevation of 7200 feet and is hidden far away from the busy cities and their commercialization. Pelling is most frequented by trekkers, hikers and adventure seekers, since this place serves as a base for all Himalayan and Kanchejunga summits and treks. It is subject to extreme winter conditions. The city covered in white snow appeals the eyes like nothing else.

Major tourist attractions are mentioned below.

1. Rimbi Waterfall and Karchen Power House

Rimbi Waterfall and Karchen Power House
Photo by shankar s, CC BY 2.0

This gushing waterfall and its generated power house is the most beautiful during monsoon, when the rains fill up the water’s fall. Rimbi waterfall is the main and biggest waterfall along the Kanchenjunga Ranges. It is located around 12 kms from Pelling. The nearby power house, Karchen, had been constructed during 1970s, by the last ruling royal’s ministry. Its main purpose was to provide power to most towns in western Sikkim and it is the oldest power house here. Currently, it only serves as a tourist destination and fishing spot.

2. Sewaro Rock Garden

Sewaro Rock Garden
Photo by shankar s, CC BY 2.0

An enchanting display of natural beauty, Sewaro rock garden is situated not far away from Karchen Power House. It is located around 12 kms from Pelling.  This man-made structure by the Sikkim Government is a quiet and less frequented place, making it the perfect place for a picnic. Artificial pools, criss cross paths, rock structures, flora attract the attention of all tourists. Inside the garden, there is a small restaurant and a swimming pool and a lot of elevated points to view the Kanchenjunga peaks. The scenic natural beauty attracts many aspiring photographers too.

3. Yuksom

Photo by dhillan chandramowli, CC BY-SA 2.0

A historical place and unexploited tourist destination near Pelling, Yuksom is a major promoter of eco-tourism in the state of Sikkim. When the state was officially formed in the year 1642 AD, Yuksom served as the first capital under Chogyal Phuntsog Namgyal. He was the first ruler and religious promoter of Sikkim. For the next 333 years, Chogyals ruled Sikkim with justice and righteousness. Yuksom presently is a beautiful tourist destination and is the epitome of natural beauty and elegance. It has a base camp for the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Dubdi and Mallu Monasteries, Kanchenjunga National Park, coronation throne at Norbugang, Mani Hall are some places to visit in Yuksom.

4. Tashiding Monastery

Tashiding Monastery
Photo by Retlaw Snellac Photography, CC BY 2.0

The hidden village of Tashiding is revered all around for its monastery. Built in 1717 AD during the reign of the third Chogyal, this is a very important place of worship for Buddhists and they come here to connect with the Lord and to purify their souls. The Bhumchu festival is celebrated annually here by the residing lamas and attended by tourists and local residents. The monastery lies between the rivers Rathong and Rangeet, atop a small heart shaped hill. Prayer wheels and religious flags adorn the surrounding area of the monastery. It is rightfully called the ‘spiritual centre’ of Sikkim.

5. Singshore Bridge

Singshore Bridge
Photo by Shivali Chopra, CC BY 2.0

This suspension bridge is the second highest in the continent and the highest in the state. This engineering marvel lies at a height of 100 meters and the length is around 198 meters. It connects two hills over the support of the gorge. It was built 16 years ago, to connect the two sides in a more convenient manner. Talks are going on about start the adventure sport of Bungee Jumping from Singshore bridge. The view from the bridge is absolutely mesmerizing; you can see waterfalls, the valley and the slopes of mountains all around in a panoramic view.

Pelling offers many tourist places and destinations in and around. Some of them are historically significant, others religiously, while the rest are simply flaunting their natural beauty and breathtaking views. Pelling is a must stopover while visiting Sikkim.

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