Top 5 Places to Visit in Dungarpur


Experiencing a bliss as fresh as the morning dew is a rarity in this fast-paced world. Enter Dungarpur, with its charming palaces and exquisite terrains, one can feel that precious bliss at almost every step of the way. Running through its marvellous beauty are two rejuvenating rivers, Mahi and Som. Its growing prominence in the tourism industry is largely owed to its breathtaking architecture and even more mesmerising interiors, that open doors into the rich history of this place, in the most pleasing way possible. Never before have the lives of kings and queens been so beautifully etched in stone as in the intricate palaces of Dungarpur. Adding to its uniqueness are the goldsmith and silversmith industry, that provide a delicate touch of their expertise to the toys and picture frames they make. A green marble stone is also an exotic specimen found in Dungarpur and exported to various national and international markets.

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