The Best Time to Visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry India

The largest union territory of India, Pondicherry, is present near the state of Tamil Nadu in the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal. The locality can be easily seen as two parts, one with the French atmosphere, in terms of food, heritage and architecture, and the other typically Tamil. This place, with its blend of cultures, is also famous amongst tourists for its spirituality and serenity. Let’s go through the best places to visit when in the town of Pondicherry and the best times to pursue various activities.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Pondicherry

This beautiful, formerly colonised by the French, union territory has every reason to be on your travel list. There is so much France in this town that you’d wonder whether or not you’re in India! The people speak fluent French and the wine and dine of the restaurants is the most alluring factor of Pondicherry. Churches, beaches, artefacts, cuisine, peace of mind…whatsoever you desire, Pondi has it all. So if you’re looking for reasons to go to this pretty town, look no further, because we have here a list of things you can do when visiting this town of Tamil Nadu.

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10 Places To Visit In Pondicherry

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The capital of the Union Territory of Puducherry, Pondicherry is a former French colony and is now among the chief tourist destinations of South India. This coastal town was a French colony till 1954 and still retains many colonial buildings, churches, statues and the systematic town planning by the French and is often called the Europe of India because of its town planning. Although a small town, the town contains an interesting mix of Indian and French colonial heritage and a number of tourist destinations. Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Pondicherry:

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