Top 5 Places to Visit in Bhaderwah

The tiny but charming town of Bhaderwah is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in the Doda district of Jammu & Kashmir. Commonly acknowledged asMini Kashmir, the town is located 80 kilometres from the town of Batote and 205 kilometres from Jammu city. Set in a lush green landscape with vast grasslands, dense forest cover, rich flora and fauna, unblemished valleys, sparkling streams, rocky terrain, the town is a breathtaking wonder. Also hailed as “Nagon ki bhoomi” or “the land of snakes”, Bhaderwah is home to a variety of different species of snakes. The town is perched at a height of 1613 metres and is known to be one of the most breathtaking regions in Jammu. Perfect for vacations and adventure activities, Bhaderwah welcomes its visitors to witness its glorious sights. The 5 best places one should visit in Bhaderwah are listed here.

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