Top 10 Resorts in Silvassa

A wonderful city and capital of the Indian Union Territory of Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa is a site of rich history. A prominent city during the Portuguese dominance over India, Silvassa developed as a town in the late 19th century. The region is rich in historical sites, wildlife parks and natural beauty. The scarce population of this city speaks prominently Portuguese as well as Gujarati and Marathi too. Making a perfect holiday destination, Silvassa invites tourists over for a glimpse at its culture and traditions. Listed out here are the ten best resorts in the city that promise best comfort and a luxurious stay.

1. Keys Ras Resorts

Keys Ras Resorts
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A traditionally constructed resort equipped with all the modern amenities, Keys Ras Resorts is a luxurious place to stay during your holidays. Ideal for a romantic getaway or large family gathering, the resort offers cozy rooms, amenities like swimming pool, lounge, gym, games etc. The resort also has a restaurant which serves delicious cuisine from all over the world.

2. Lotus Riverside Resort

Lotus Riverside Resort
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Located close to all the places of interest in the city, Lotus Riverside Resort is an ideal spot to relax while enjoying the city. A mere 4 kilometres from the Tribal Cultural Museum and Bal Udyan Park, the resort is situated by the side of the Daman Ganga river that flows by the city. Serving complimentary breakfast, the facilities offered at this resort ensure a great stay for you and your family. TV, Wi-Fi, room upgrades, etc. are some of the additional perks the guests can enjoy here.

3. Lords Resort

Lords Resort
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Located just 5 kilometres from the Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari is the simple and elegant Lords Resort. Equipped with all the basic amenities, the comfortable rooms of the resort and great view along with complimentary breakfast and beverages makes this a great place to crash during a weekend. Fitness centre, swimming pool, TV, internet is some of the facilities offered here.

4. Treat Resort

Treat Resort
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Well-manicured lawns and dense green trees await you at the Treat Resort in Silvassa. Providing a soothingly comfortable stay, a meditative atmosphere amidst the greenery, the resort is an ideal location to unwind and take a break from your routine life. Spacious rooms, swimming pool, and several other amenities are offered in this resort which is located just 10 kilometres from Satmaliya Deer Park.

5. Daman Ganga Valley Resort

Daman Ganga Valley Resort
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Constructed in the Portuguese style, the Daman Ganga Valley Resort is a plush resort offering all comforts for your stay. Located just 9 kilometres from Vanganga Garden and 2 kilometres from the Tribal Cultural Museum, this resort serves the best food at its international restaurant and offers you a very enjoyable stay. Minibars, coffee and tea makers, gorgeous views are the extra perks enjoyable here.

6. Khanvel Resort

Khanvel Resort
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A modern property located 22 kilometres from the Nakshatra garden and the Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari wildlife park, Khanvel resort is an elegant site that offers all the luxurious comforts for your relaxed stay. Cuisines from all over the world, DJ, discotheque, fitness centre, private gardens etc. are all the facilities available at your disposal here.

7. Dadra Resort

Dadra Resort
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Situated right next to Vanganga Garden and Lake is the beautiful Dadra Resort. Suites offer a calm and idle atmosphere to relax, minibars, restaurant, lounge, gym, baths are extra additions that will elevate your comfort here. The resort also offers opportunities to participate in activities like golf, rock climbing, archery and zip lining. Being set in an outdoor adventure park makes this site a fun-filled resort where you can have a delightful time with your family and kids.

8. Pluz Resort

Pluz Resort
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Sprawling 6 hectares of gorgeous land, 18 kilometres from the Vanganga Garden and Lake, is the Pluz Resort in Silvassa. Surrounded by tall mango trees, this sweet resort offers warm service among all the modern facilities. Private balconies, pool, minibars, gym, play area, game room, whirlpool baths, nice gardens are some additional perks you’ll get to enjoy here.

9. Wonderland Resort

Wonderland Resort
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An offbeat stay is offered at the quiet Wonderland Resort which is situated 5 kilometres from the Bal Udyan Park. Enjoy mouth-watering food at the restaurant, relaxed conversations at the bar and indoor and outdoor games like badminton, volleyball, cricket, football etc. at this resort. Views from the rooms are breath-taking and service is available all the time.

10. Green Valley Resort

Green Valley Resort
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Simple and charming, the Green Valley Resort in Silvassa offers excellent service and a most soothing environment to spend your holiday. Spread among the greenery and overlooking the surrounding beauty, the resort offers luxurious rooms and amenities like games room, swimming pool, beautiful gardens etc.

Spend a calm and relaxing vacation at Silvassa in one of the above described resorts to liven up your holidays.

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