Top 5 Places To Visit In Baikunthpur

Baikunthpur is a hamlet in the district of Koriya, Chattisgarh. This little town is situated on the river basins of Ganga and Mahanadi. A huge portion of the basin is drained by rivers, namely Teej, Hasdeo, Gobri and Gopad. The district also boasts of a rich wood cover. Trees like Khair, Mahua, Sal, Bamboo, Shisham, Gamhar, Tendu and a wide variety of others line the district. The town also witnesses a huge number of visitors during its national level football tournaments and its large-scale Durga Puja celebrations. Churcha, the primary coal mine in the area is a well-known tourist attraction. Here are the five popular places to visit in Baikunthpur.

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