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Neer Mahal

Top 5 Places to Visit in Udaipur (Tripura)

Tripura, a small state in the north east of our country is blessed with not only a rich heritage and culture but also a beautiful landscape and natural beauty. It is a thriving tourist destination as it offers a lot of unique and beautiful places to visit.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Kamalpur

One of north east India’s seven sisters, Tripura, boosts of cleanliness and peace. The independent state was under the rule of the Tripuri royal family and later joined free India in the year 1949. Bengali and various tribal communities have a huge contribution is the culturally ethnicity and lifestyle of …

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Jampui Hills

Top 5 Places to Visit in Amarpur

A beautiful village in an equally beautiful state, Amarpur is a scenic and serene getaway in Tripura. Tripura, a part of the north eastern seven sisters, is the third smallest in terms of size and is the most populated by tribal communities. Almost 19 different tribes have taken up residence …

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Top 5 Places To Visit in Agartala

Famous as the largest city of the state of Tripura, Agartala is also the well-known capital of said state. Agartala holds an array of historical and mythological importance due to its mentions in the scriptures of the Mahabharata, and the fact that the kings who ruled Agartala were quite the …

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Top 4 Places To Visit In Tripura

One of the Seven Sister States in northeast India, Tripura, is a dream destination for nature lovers. It is surrounded on almost all sides by Bangladesh, the neighboring country. Unexplored forests, breathtaking valleys, gorgeous waterfalls and majestic mountains make Tripura a perfect land to unwind. The land is also rich …

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