Top 6 Places To Visit In Malda

Malda is a city which lies towards the north of West Bengal, India. A visit to Malda opens up the Pandora’s Box to an extensively rich culture heritage and to some exquisite architectural marvel. This district is a storehouse of opportunities and knowledge for historians, artists or for anyone who wishes to take a peek into the past. Apart from the opulent heritage, the city of Malda is also renowned for its wide array of products like mango, silk and jute. The town is popular for a particular variety of mangoes, named after the district itself. The Malda variety of mangoes is exported widely across the globe. A visit to Malda will prove to be fascinating for anyone who is interested in ancient and anthropological expeditions. The city is known to be the tourism centre to the two notable cities of Bengal-Pandua and Gaur. Here are six places to visit in Malda.

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