Top 5 Places to Visit in Bhimtal

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal in quaint, poetic little Uttarakhand, India is an oasis of refreshing aquamarine and turquoise beauty, a find in a country saturated with floods of attractive places you could be headed to on your next opportune vacation. Be it with family, friends, a lover or colleagues, this place welcomes you with lakes wide open. From expansive waterbodies to picturesque dams, eco friendly conservatories to temples for the pious souls, and views that could belong either to your local monsoon zenith or the beginnings of a really cosy rainy day movie, Bhimtal offers you all of it on a glistening platter. Make sure to plan ahead to secure a stay in this cool, pleasant Indian attraction. Following is the list of the 5 best tourist attractions here.

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