Top 8 Places To Visit In Khammam

Every ancient place has a great history attached to it. Some places have rocks and other natural elements to authenticate their age, without any solid proof to highlight that the lands were inhabited; some places stand out with excellent specimens that boast of the cultural richness of the past to show that mankind lived and flourished here. Khammam is one such place with proofs to make its claims bold and clear. The land is said to have derived its name from Narsimhadri temple, which was earlier called as Stamba Sikhari and later as Stambhadri. This temple is said to be nearly 1.6 million years of age, as it is considered to belong to the period of Treta Yuga. The temple is on a vertical rock, which gives the name Khammam to the city, as the rock means Kamba, a pillar.

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