Top 25 Famous Temples of India

India can be referred to as a land of temples, or a land of religious structures, as one can find a temple every 3 km or so. For most Indians, going to a temple to pay obeisance to the lord is a daily ritual. Also, many of these temples are centuries-old with amazing architecture, and thus are a prominent part of India’s cultural heritage. There are also many legends associated with these temples that add to their significance. There are thousands of temples in India that are a must-visit owing to their place in history and mythology and also because these are architectural marvels, that are symbols of India’s rich cultural past.

Of the lakh and more temples that are worth a visit, here are top 25 temples in India that are considered as the most famous and most revered temples in India. Devotees from all over the world throng these temples not just on special occasions but daily to offer prayers, with complete faith and reverence.

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