Top 25 Famous Temples of India

India can be referred to as a land of temples, or a land of religious structures, as one can find a temple every 3 km or so. For most Indians, going to a temple to pay obeisance to the lord is a daily ritual. Also, many of these temples are centuries-old with amazing architecture, and thus are a prominent part of India’s cultural heritage. There are also many legends associated with these temples that add to their significance. There are thousands of temples in India that are a must-visit owing to their place in history and mythology and also because these are architectural marvels, that are symbols of India’s rich cultural past.

Of the lakh and more temples that are worth a visit, here are top 25 temples in India that are considered as the most famous and most revered temples in India. Devotees from all over the world throng these temples not just on special occasions but daily to offer prayers, with complete faith and reverence.

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Top 10 Religious Places in India with Highest Footfall

India is well known for its rich culture and religion. A number of stories and legends revolve around this mysterious country. The country is full of monuments and historical places, all of which have surprising and intriguing stories behind them. Similarly, being a secular country, India also has many temples dedicated to Gods of different religions. The architecture of these old temples still leaves people surprised and mesmerized. Scattered all over the country, you will find a temple on highest of the hills and in deepest of the valleys. Some are even found in the middle of oceans and lakes, while some stand proudly amidst the cities and villages. Given below are just a few of India’s most visited temples. These temples are very popular and attract a large number of devotees.

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Top 10 Most Popular Churches in India

A country that speaks a thousand dialects and that has been presided over by very different empires throughout its history, India recalls her past through glorious edifices sprawled throughout the nation and via the cultures that have been influenced in a bemusing number of ways by these ancient empires. Said to have been introduced in the nation in 52 AD by Thomas the Apostle, Christianity now has about 28 million followers here. The religion has left an indelible mark on the cultures, traditions and architecture of India. Beautifully embellished churches adorn every city and town in the nation. We take a look at the ten most popular churches that India has to offer.

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