Top 5 Places to Visit in Jhalawar

Gagron Fort

Make the most of India’s rich diversity and capture all its wealth in your bag of experiences, which displays all the cherished memories each time it is ripped opened. Rajasthan is one such state that screams history, culture and colour in the clearest way possible. Housing cultural gems in every nook and corner of its territory, Rajasthan is a place that is favored for family, couple or even solo vacations. The music and dance of this place make you move to its rhythms, as much as its forts and sand dunes. Listen to the beckoning call of this fascinating state and follow its sweet sounds to the historical city of Jhalawar. Jhalawar is a storehouse of historic and spiritual delights, ranging from mammoth forts to innumerable temples. The place is a prominent supplier of citrus to the country’s market, a fact that becomes evident upon inhaling the fragrance of the orange orchards. Visit these top 5 spots in Jhalawar to experience an exhilarating ride into the rich history of Rajasthan.

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