Top 5 Places to Visit in Banswara

Arthuna Temples

The name Banswara entails the entire heritage of the small district in south Rajasthan. Meaning “Bamboo Country,” Banswara was, and still has an abundance of bamboo forests and products sprouting within its boundaries. The lush greenery of gardens and lawns, and the diverse fauna make this place an impeccable retreat into the loving arms of nature. Added to this, the dazzling Mahi river flows through its terrains, completing the natural beauty package for Banswara. The natural charm of this place is only seconded by its historic and cultural artefacts. A plethora of temples and other spiritual sites are prevalent in Banswara, adding another dimension of humanity to the cultural ambience of the place. The place is always pulsating with annual festivals, relating to religious or cultural events, adding to the upbeat charm of the district. Head on over to the following locations in Banswara that an absolute can’t-miss feature of this lively town.

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