Top 5 Places To Visit In Bargarh

Being the business hub of Western Orissa, Bargarh is situated towards the western border of the state towards Chhattisgarh. The place was initially a fort and was initially called as the Baghar Kota, as derived from the inscriptions from 11th century AD. Bargarh has also witnessed early Buddhist settlement and have influenced the lifestyle of the people for a short span of time. Bargarh though has few tourist attractions but it is rich in its cultural heritage. Bargarh is famous for the Dhanuyatra that is said to the biggest open theatrical stage and depicts the Krishna Leela. The place is dotted with temples and also has Buddhist monasteries and caves that showcase the settlement of different cultures at different points in time at Bargarh. Enlisted here are top 5 places that are a must visit when in Bargarh.

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